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Only by stripping line from the spool, can one see which type spool is installed. As we now know, they chose the color red for the side plates and the rest is history. Again, india dating quora flat head pillar screws are correct but the spool tension cap does not reflect an oil port. The stand up display card and box top are interesting items.

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Note that the reel carries the friction washer which ties it to the schematic for De Luxe. Fishing Rods, Reels, Line, and Knots. Taking your hand off the paddle allows the drag system to take over as the handle rotated backwards.

Unlike it's D cousin, the D never had a clicker installed. And this ebay seller will definately get good feedback! At least I know a general timeframe. When I first viewed the reel I sat up in my chair and took note.

All other bait casting models are threaded. Figured why not open it and see what I have! Don't know about the bearings. During line retrieval the reel is in direct drive. The spool arbor will be black but otherwise, and it shares the same features as the older model above.

Early lot numbers are explained in detail later in this segment. My good friend, Simon Shimomura, provided me with the lead to the person that owned the reel and we made a deal. The best part of this combo is the box sticker with matching serial number of the reel.

Discussion for the Abu Garcia D Ambassadeur. To my mind, based upon fishing experience, any of the classic Ambassadeur family of reels is all one needs to be a totally satisfied fisherman. Ambassadeur reels came in various marked cases through the years but the very first case offered had no markings at all. Frames are easily cleaned with Acetone and Q-tips just like all other parts. All cases below appear in chronological order and their dates should be considered very close for the time period offered.

Male knurling left and female knurling right. Reproduction handles are easily overlooked unless you know what to look for. Acetone will not hurt the colored dye finish on these reels. It contains a nice picture on big game fishing see attachment.

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They make us recognize our own failures in technique, maintenance regimes or choice of balanced tackle and therefore we grow when we learn to accept our shortcomings and adapt to change. If you have any others not listed in my collection, that are unneeded or doubles in your collection and are available for a reasonable fee, I would be very pleased to hear from you. Push booton release was an innovative feature on the model.

  1. The combination of parts I list by number should be assembled to the reel.
  2. Please use Acetone in a well ventilated area.
  3. You may find other tools more suitable to your liking, but these should give you a general idea.

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Using an eye dropper, apply Armor-All onto the paddle and rub it in with a Q-tip. They were made for the model. Refer to C Historical Notations for more information on this model. He was very kind to me as he explained what was wrong with a I found in the field. How do you value something sight unseen and without knowing the condition of the item?

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The reproduction also has a different texture on the paddle. Notice the post pin is slightly dome shaped while the post pin on the reproduction handle in the background is noticeably flat and is level with the paddle. It is much finer in texture compared to the green handle which is original. Not so if the Abulon Extra Top Hook Fishing line was used and most especially today with such an array of ultra fine and strong braids and gel spun lines available to choose from.

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In all my years of collecting I've yet to come across this version, however, I have seen this model with all the features I mentioned but it had beveled rim. It should be noted that these differences most likely will not extend past one year. Our experts will get back to you as soon as they can. Outdoor Recreation Parts Brands. No Roman color coding numbers occur on any of these reels.

The first version had grooved rim side plates with mushroom style takedown screws. Cleaned and lubed properly, it will be a good fishing reel. It doesn't say high speed. No specific month was given but it's units later than yours. It has been brought to my attention that some collectors have side plate concerns after reading the paragraph above.

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Another element that supports this reel's originality are matching Roman Numeral marks found on the inside of both side plates and frame. Please contact me about inaccuracies and they will be promptly addressed and corrected when verified. It looks like it's never been used. Your reel was made in and is in great condition.

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The model was never stamped with serial numbers but is seen with all three lot number date codes. First, clean all dirt and grease from them. This is usually matched to just allow the lure to fall slowly when the reel is in free spool, faster the lure is allowed to drop the wilder and faster the cast will be. Line for Ambassadeur reel? How many member have you ever met?


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One will usually find at least a small spot or two if not a sizeable area where anodizing appears to be rubbed off or incomplete. You will see the various tools I use and are not necessarily the only tools you need. It can be found with subtle differences in parts such as straight cut star drag and bullet shaped counter weight. It seems there's a bit of controversy over the true first version of the C. Finding one new in the box would indeed command a high value.

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