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When she dances at a banquet Alibaba hosts in honour of the guest, Dowlath and Bulbul roll the barrels one by one into the swirling waters as per the plan. One day, when Alibaba goes to cut wood as usual, he chances upon the cavernous hideout of Abu Hussain P. In addition to producing, Modern Theatres founder T. Dhandayudapani Pillai were in charge of the choreography.

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The tyrant Sher Khan, commander of the notorious king Amir Kasim Khan, tries to take her by force to his palace. Plot Marziana Bhanumathi is a popular dancer in Baghdad, who dances to earn a living. Chakrapani in supporting roles. Marziana learns that they are the siblings of Kasim, who had driven them out at the instigation of his cruel wife Salima Vidyavati. However, he kills the cobbler afterwards.

However, Marziana overhears him whispering to his men, and realises his true identity. He, who helped even those who didn't ask!

Alibaba and the Forty Thieves is a Indian Tamil-language fantasy swashbuckler film directed and produced by T. Alibaba is freed and after defeating Kasim's thugs, aqw membership and ac generator escapes with Marziana.

Routledge Handbook of Indian Cinemas. Kasim enters the cave and greedily starts collecting many treasures. Veerappa was cast as Abu Hussain, the leader of the forty thieves. Balu, and Murasoli Maran were in charge of the cinematography, editing, and dialogues respectively. Veerappa, and said that another factor attributed to the film's success that it was the first full-length South Indian colour film.

Marziana and her sidekick Dowlath find refuge in Alibaba's house who lives with his sister Ayisha and servant Bulbul. Udumalai Narayana Kavi was offered to write the lyrics. Chakrapani becomes jealous when he hears about his brother's fortune, and wants to find out how Alibaba became rich overnight. He soon forgets the code word, and is left trapped.

Marziana Bhanumathi is a popular dancer in Baghdad, who dances to earn a living. Under Salima's guidance, he invites Alibaba and his household for a feast.

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Both Alibaba and Marziana become wealthy overnight. Soundar played Sher Khan, Hameed and Abdullah respectively. Sundaram Films featuring an item number Films scored by Susarla Dakshinamurthi Indian fantasy films Tamil remakes of Hindi films Indian films Indian swashbuckler films. Having his men hide inside barrels, Abu Hussain comes to Alibaba's house disguised as an oil merchant seeking shelter for the night.

Central Board of Film Certification. After Kasim's death is announced publicly, Alibaba is declared the new king of Baghdad and everyone rejoices. Maruthakasi, an immortal song. Alibaba chases him and reaches the cave, where he kills Abu Hussain after an intense battle.

Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum Film Songs Free Download

Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum Songs Lyrics

Realising that someone else has entered their cave, they start searching for the mystery person. Madras Heritage and Carnatic Music. Whether he keeps it a secret and protects the treasure from falling into the wrong hands forms the rest of the story.

He resolves to keep his source of wealth a secret to lead a peaceful life. Rickshaw Mama motion picture in Tamil. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meanwhile, the dacoits return to their cave and find that Kasim's corpse is missing.

The dacoits arrive, and kill him for entering their secret cave. Ramachandran and Bhanumathi Ramakrishna in the lead roles, with K.

After the dacoits leave, Alibaba uses the code word, enters the hideout and takes some of the looted wealth which he uses to help the poor people around. Pongalo Pongal motion picture in Tamil.

Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum ( film)

Taking a knife, Marziana acts as though she means to kill Alibaba, but instead cuts the ropes that bind his hands. The songs also attained popularity.

The first Gevacolor feature film! It was a milestone in Ramachandran's career and became a success at the box office which was largely attributed to it being the first full-length colour film in South India. Ramachandran's elder brother M. Alibaba is a poor woodcutter and lives with his sister Ayisha Susheela and servant Bulbul M.

Chakrapani was cast in the role of Alibaba's elder brother Kassim. It is also the second Tamil film adaptation of that story, after the film of the same name. However, Marziana overhears him whispering to his men hidden in the barrels, and realises his true identity.