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Stack it up in a nice big pile and such to trip over and ignore. All that pulling gets tiring.

This year has been an emotional one for me. Happy Monday and lots of love and compassion and patience to all of us.

Sometimes, when it hurts, you have to stop and figure out why.

This whole thing is a metaphor the likes of which has not hit me over the head in quite sometime. Nothing stirs it all up like holidays. Out of control situations sent me inside my mind and cut me off from the external.

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And then sometimes you have to sit down until the hurt heals or at least gets better. There is, however, a clue embedded in this one. How did I get here in the first place? So many answers are found in the questions themselves. Regardless, these days can be tough.

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You have to make yourself available to be hurt, and asking for help is definitely making yourself available. In all honesty, I often feel those things in spades.

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It has been written many times that home is not a place, but sometimes home is at least partly about place, if not fully. Lord knows I try but I might be what they call a tough nut. An x-ray revealed a stress fracture and the treatment was an ugly, black, decidedly unchic walking boot that has now made a bruise all the way around the middle of my lower leg. That has been for a few reasons. Whatever your situation this holiday season, take it easy on yourself.

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And for that reason, I do try to make the best of them. Not only is it uncomfortable and unwieldy, it has foiled my fall footwear dreams and plans, auditoriums in bangalore dating which royally pisses me off. We return easily to ingrained patterns if we decide to go the family route.

What home is to different people is endlessly interesting to me. But what I do know for sure is that the biggest obstacle to revelation is the inability to admit there is a need for one. And how does that make me behave in a relationship with another person now? We get to hook all of our baggage together!