Anglo saxon lyre yahoo dating

Anglo saxon lyre yahoo dating

They like to help when I have wood on the floor, so need distraction. This seals and protects the wood, but uses only historical materials for doing so. As stated earlier, this was a partial experiment in materials science, and I learn something new every time.

It does, however, mean that some of the energy of each blow is lost to the slight give of the pillows as a support. The body block has not been fully cleaned up - the side walls and floor thinned out as much as they are going to be, and everthing basically smoothed down not polished, but generally sanded. There has been much scholarly speculation on their origin. Felt bags are also available. Unfortunately, the antler did not have any sections that were straight and thick enough to create the peg without running into sections that were spongy.

There has been much scholarly speculationThe body block

Adapting the plans, I was able to acquire some very pretty, highly flamed maple wood for the body from Bell Forest Products. As such, I fashioned from some scrap maple a peg turner. So far it has held up to several weeks of heavy strumming, so it seems to be stable and strong enough. The random assortment of stuff for turning.

It had a number of cracks and inclusions which I had to work around. There were in the past bowed lyres in Shetland and Norway, I have made an instrument based on the few text descriptions of the Shetland Gue, see below. Rather frustrating, but these things happen. You can see the inner mortise joint visible on the inner edges of the arms. The lower nails sit at the point where the feet join the body.

The oil is rubbed in, let to dry, and then another coat is rubbed in and let to dry. Unfortunately, my old camera's lens broke. The typical Jouhikko has a long, narrow outline, with only a small hand hole which is offset to one side, allowing only one of the three strings to be stopped. The tailpiece and bridge are of holly wood, simulating bone or ivory.

It does however mean that some