After he is fired, he tells Aria that he can't teach in that town anymore and must find a place where he can before they can start dating again. She feels that he knows everything about her, dancer dating site but he hasn't shared as much about himself. Meredith tells her she's applying for a teacher's position and that she won't have her as a reference.

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Aria montgomery dating

They look up and Mona is gone, along with the keys. After their rehearsal dinner at the Radley, Ezra begins discussing getting other opinions from fertility specialists. Ezra doesn't think that's such a good idea, free online dating site as it's her first day.

Aria Montgomery

He says he knows Aria well enough to know that Aria would never hurt Ella or Byron on purpose. Since her parents divorced, Hanna permanently lives with her mother. Later, Ezra sees Aria walking home during a rainstorm.

Lucy hale ezra dating

She sees a car pull up and someone get in. She feels betrayed by her father, who has remarried, and she does not get along well with his new wife and daughter. Aria goes upstairs to change, but takes a look at her picture-perfect family sitting together happily before ascending. When A manages to contact them, they run to the top of the building and admit to Ali that they think Jessica DiLaurentis is A. At lunch, dublin Spencer presents the other Liars with an anonymous cell phone that they can use to anonymously text Ian.

At first he is surprised, then happy to see her, but their moment is interrupted. When Mike comes home, he scares her by not speaking up when she asks who's there. Ezra walks past his colleague Mrs. This time, matchmaking xyor the unwed she additionally recalls how Ali had tried to convince her to tell her mother what she saw.

Aria montgomery dating

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Ella and Byron Montgomery. When they see Ezra dining alone at a restaurant in town, the Montgomery family finds someplace else to eat. They saw Ian there with another girl while he was dating Spencer's sister, Melissa. That night, Ella comes in Aria's room and confesses to finding her profile on the dating website.

  • Ezra texts her that he's been invited to Jenna's party.
  • She then teased Aria for falling for brainy guys.
  • Just then, Aria spots Ella, so she purposefully knocks the coffee out of his hand.
  • While she looks through it we see a shadow.
  • After class, Ezra walks in to find Aria with snacks and sodas from the vending machine, a veritable feast!

There, shirtless Ezra assures Aria he believes she and her friends are telling the truth about the Ian incident. Aria pretends not to know much about the incident which caused her blindness. She answers yes and he informs her that there is something important they have to do that afternoon.

  1. Aria answers that she will be.
  2. Aria recognizes the driver as Wren.
  3. He suddenly softens, and, at a loss for words, walks away.
  4. Ezra is getting angry that Aria keeps ditching him at the party.
  5. He finds her in her room upstairs, under different circumstances than they had intended.

Ezra asks her to spend the rest of the day, like they used to, but Aria declines and leaves. She replaces the diploma he never noticed was missing on his desk. Ella is devastated and Aria feeling more guilty than ever for keeping it from her.

Spencer, Hanna and Aria are seated in an isolated investigation room. Aria agrees with Emily that this video could exonerate Toby and offers to drive Spencer to the police station during their lunch break. CeCe Drake comes in and passes Aria back her phone that she had left on the counter, and hears about Spencer's college conflict. Although she does fool around with one off her teachers. Aria tells Ella about Zack sounding like he's into her.

Aria tries to help Mike out, but there is nothing she or her family can do to get him to listen. Aria, who is also bringing coffee, stops short when she sees that Jackie has beaten her to it. Confused, Ezra asks what letter Aria is referring to, and picking up the letter from the coffee table, Aria hands it to Ezra to read over. The next day, Ezra stands in the Montgomery's living room and confesses his love for their daughter.

Aria Montgomery

They now know that somewhere between leaving Spencer's house that night and going to Alison's grave, Emily was with Jenna. Later that night she's called to the police station to be questioned about Alison's remains being stolen. Ezra arrives outside the bistro, when he receives a text from Aria, saying they have to reschedule and promising to explain later. When she swears to read the manuscript in and out he pushes it out of her hands and it falls to the ground below.

Aria montgomery dating

Fitz's car and Aria just got into it! She also called Noel immature and simultaneously perfect for Aria, flustering her. Maya wrote that she had something she wanted to show Emily, but not to contact her phone because someone had stolen it. Later that afternoon she's helping her mom pack up her things for her apartment. Ella tells her she isn't looking for anybody right now.

She tells them the truth, including the fact that Ezra dated Alison before he met Aria. Aria texts Spencer not to trust Garrett. She makes it clear that this isn't a social call and the fact that she is willing to talk about his relationship with Aria doesn't make her an ally. They later tell her to meet them and she goes to do so.

Then Xaiver kept pushing himself on Aria which forced Aria to move out of her mothers home without telling her why. Sean and Aria's relationship turns romantic, and they go to the local Foxy benefit. He hops up and offers her a refreshment even though all he has is chocolate milk and an apple.

They run until they turn a corner past some bushes, then stop in their tracks when they see Byron and Meredith making out in his car. Byron mentions that teaching at the college level would allow Ezra more time for his writing. Ella tries to send Mike and Aria upstairs, but Aria refuses. They are friendly and make plans to combine their classes and have dinner and drinks.

Aria montgomery dating
Aria montgomery dating

They ask Aria to accompany Jenna in her musical program so she can watch her more and try to see what she's up to. There, Ezra offers his help, then invites Aria over later, but before she responds, she gets a phone call. Ezra listens as Emily toasts to their family, may they always stay together, before clinking glasses with everyone. He watches as Aria gets into Ezra's car. Ella thinks Ezra is talking about Spencer and tells him that the Hastings parents will ruin him if they find out about the relationship.

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What Aria doesn't know is that Ezra has been captured by A. Aria tries to comfort him by kissing him, but she gets distracted. Spencer wants to go to Philadelphia that afternoon to check out the address listed on the receipt. Ella admits while she does not condone their relationship, she is afraid of what will happen if she takes the same stance as Byron.

He is invited to an intimate dinner party at their home along with Mr. Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. She, however, likes the idea of them getting to know one another, hoping her dad sees how special he is.

Aria montgomery dating
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