Sung out loud by soldiers you can sing them in your head

Poor guy is smart and mischievous, which is probably a bad combination for the military. Blood, guts, sex and danger That's the life of an Airborne Ranger! There was a girl who wore a yellow ribbon, She wore it in the spring time in the merry month of May. On that bunker over there. Pin my medals on my left breast, Tell my people I done my best.

Military Science and Leadership

That is how I know I was doing it right. Airborne - Infantry - back to top -. That's all I can remember, but it was lame though. That sure sounded mighty fine, let me hear it three more times!

But she was mine all mine! In nineteen sixty-five they went to Vietnam, Well, they went there to fight the Viet Cong. In my legs, In my head, In my chest, Feeling good Super troop.

Military Cadence

We do have a morbid sense of humor. Twenty-fifth Tropic lightning Pick up your rucks and follow me I'm the light infantry. This is the line that will deploy their parachutes.

  • And it brought my flight together, thankyouverymuch.
  • But one thing that has always facinated me about the military is the grisly morgue humor that runs pretty much throughout the working-class ranks.
  • We joined the fucking navy so we wouldn't have to do this marching around shit.

When it turns green, the jumpmaster gives the command to go, and the jumpers exit the aircraft as rapidly as possible. Let us help you find your friends! They stuck a ribbon in my chest. Like this, best I can find.

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U.S. Army (Ranger) Cadence - If I Die In A Drop Zone

Flag Cadence Please let us know why you believe this cadence is inappropriate and we'll look into it. We'd sing cadence as we marched and certain cadences meant different formations we'd march in and you'd memorize points where you'd turn, about face, shift, etc'. These were double time cadences.

Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

We had a female drill sergent. Is bodies, bleeding bodies. If the main don't deploy right, I got a reserve by my side. She put him on the mantlepiece for all his friends to see. Stand up sit down shuffle to the door Jump on out and count to four If that chute don't open wide I've got another one by my side If that chute don't open too Tell St.

Creeds and Cadences

They say that in the Army, the pancakes are mighty fine You can try to chew them, but you're only wasting time. They say that in the Army, the biscuits are mighty fine One rolled off the table and killed a friend of mine. All day long I'va had this Army cadence running through my head.

Do you know any marching cadences like this


The moral of this story is clear instead of bourbon stick to beer! Your memory is pretty good! So when they come home from all the battles, To show off the all their heroic medals.

He is to check his equipment to make sure it is secured properly, and that the equipment for the man next to him is also secure. It's true that some of us will die Airborne rangers learn to fly But not today as I hit the ground Lock and load another round. Not sure why I love listening to these, christian dating advice but I was curious how many other non. Become a VetFriends Member.

Stand-up, Hook-up, shuffle to the door, Jump right out and count to four. Each jumper is to double check his static line and make sure it is properly hooked onto the anchor cable. When I get to heaven, Saint Peter's gonna say, my ex boyfriend dating How'd you earn your living boy?

Creeds and Cadences

At least that is what I did when I was jumpmaster. Johnny joined the airforce coz he liked the uniform, And he ain't gonna jump no mo-o-ore. Here we go again Same old stuff again Marching down the avenue Few more days and we'll be though I won't have to look at you So, I'll be glad and so will you! If that one should fail me too, Look out ground I'm coming through. And I'm a hardcore puppy lover, to the extent that even talking about hurting a puppy normally will upset me.

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And if that one should fail me too, Look out below, I'm coming through. That, and humor is probably your best enemy against the psychological horror horror? If I die in a combat zone, Box me up and ship me home.

Some stupid twat not in our private office was apparently evesdropping outside and got her panties in a bunch. There is a light by the exit door. You revived an eleven-year old thread for that? Mission top-secret, destination unknown! Peter said with a big wide grin, Drop down Granny and knock out ten.

  1. It works pretty well as a marching cadence, though not for running.
  2. They say that in the Army, the bed's are mighty fine But how the hell would I know, I've never slept in mine.
  3. Yep, kinda makes me wanna puke.

First division Big red one Jump on your tracks and follow me I'm the mechanized infantry. In her house her daddy has a shotgun, He has it in the spring time in the merry month of May. They bring back a lot of memories.

U.S. Army (Ranger) Cadence - If I Die In A Drop Zone

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two A begger bound for college Was roaming in the streets of Spain And selling hot tamales. If I buy it in the combat zone, Box what's left and ship it home. And if my main don't open wide, difference between dating I've got a reserve by my side.

They fight all day, and stand guard at night. And up upon the bolden scene, Stands the United States Marines. The other two rows stand up. Hookin and a jabbin, make a Slashin and a stabbin.

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