This chic and stylish hair color is perfect for very fair complexions, as it warms and brightens up pale skin tones. Singer-songwriter Cheryl Cole looks pretty and feminine with her plum auburn fishtail plait. Cindy achieved this bright and warm look by adding golden highlights on top of an auburn base. If you are looking for women in Auburn, search online with us. The bright coppery highlights look phenomenal with her dark eyes and berry-stained lips, and we love the dramatic transition from dark brown to copper.

Miranda has such striking blue eyes and they look especially amazing when contrasted with a warm auburn hair color. This is a great look for girls who want to make a statement with their hair! The combination of red and blonde looks fabulous against light skin tones and green or blue eyes.

Create your free profile today and start browsing through our Women members in no time. American actress Christina Hendricks looks fantastic with her fiery, va-va-voom ginger auburn locks. This auburn look that Natalie is wearing is very unique because it is ashy instead of being saturated and warm in the way that most auburn hair color styles are. How do you like your hair? Those with dark strands will find that sometimes their hair can look reddish in bright light.

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  2. Actress Alexis Bledel looks delicate and feminine with her soft, medium auburn hair color.
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8 Hair Color for Older Women Mistakes And How to Fix Them

Kristen Stewart has always had amazing hair because she pulls off the grungy-glam look effortlessly. Actress Jessica Chastain looks phenomenal with her long, light auburn curls cascading down her back. What color is your favorite? Actress Emma Stone looks radiant with her warm, glossy medium auburn locks.

Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas

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25 Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas for
60 Auburn Hair Colors to Emphasize Your Individuality
  • Think about pictures with Emma Stone and Amy Adams.
  • For fair complexions these yellow undertones in the muted red work fantastic.
  • Choosing a great brownish red shade can help you to stand out any time you show up at the party.
  • Every woman deserves her moment to shine.
  • Let us know how your hair color turns out for your!

Auburn Hair Color Inspiration

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Embrace your Hollywood side with soft, brushed out waves. Join the colorful revolution today! To keep your strawberry overtones bright, ask your stylist for a final wash of marigold. To create a reserved business look make a center part and keep your strands straight. To make the look even more seductive, australia older dating agency add copper blonde highlight to the ends of your hair and through the bangs.

This look is a lovely medium hue of auburn supplemented with red and blonde highlights. For a bigger impact, choose a darker red hair color for the roots and have it faded to the copper hue of your choice. Singer-songwriter Cheryl Cole looks positively radiant with her perfect plum shade of auburn. Cindy has always chosen such amazingly rich hair colors, and this look is no exception! Layer copper highlights for extra depth, things to know when dating and wear your hair loose so that your fiery locks can catch the light.

It sure seems like a flawless look that suits all skin tones. Find the one you were supposed to stand by for the rest of your life and forget loneliness! Her photos with the killer bike are epic, along with the sexy bedroom photos.

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50 Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Most gorgeous ombre variations are usually shown on curly hair, but straight long hair is also a beautiful base for some fabulous ombre highlights, reminding us of rain streaks down a window. For daily updates of photos of our many beautiful Bullz-Eye models from our archives, you can follow our Girl Next Door Instagram account for some of our best photos! This auburn look is fairly understated and has a neutral base, but the caramel and auburn highlights make this hair color anything but ordinary!

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The sexy nurse outfit might be our favorite, along with the sexy open shirt photos. This light coppery hue is soft and whimsical, and it suits light to medium complexions. If you want to experiment with color, get only the ends of your layers grazed with the chosen hue and add some long highlights. Emma has such a pretty face that she looks amazing with any hair color, but this reddish auburn hue is definitely one of her best looks. Pale complexion may look very good with warm auburn shades like caramel, copper or amber.

Actress Scarlett Johansson looks fabulous with her medium auburn, curly bob. However, in this particular case, Demi made a great move by choosing to color her hair with this deep and bold red hue. Keep your hair color consistent from roots to tips for best results.

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Ericka Underwood This beautiful brunette is just flawless, and she's one of the most popular bikini models in South Florida. Singer-songwriter Cheryl Cole looks absolutely gorgeous with her red wine auburn hair color. Long hair can be tricky when it comes to shades of red because it can outshine everything else in your appearance.

Treat your hair gently with the best color preserving products. To achieve a style that has the appeal, but also works for your hair type, try incorporating subtle layers to frame the face and infuse some balayage highlights for a livelier look. Red hot cinnamon creates a vibrant, rich yet quite natural shade that adds a tinge of elegance and delicacy to your hairstyle. Auburn is perfect for interracial dating.

This is not an easy hair color to recreate, so if you want to try it out make sure you find a hair colorist who is very talented! Keep your bright coppery locks from fading by using color protection hair care products. Auburn hair is extremely popular because it is gorgeous and versatile. This hair color looks fantastic in direct light, as the red undertones reflect light, bringing your auburn locks to life. When you have such magnificent ombre highlights, you should think of better ways to lock the shade in place.

If you have super dark brown hair and are interested in experimenting with auburn hair, this ombre look may be perfect for you! Les Miserables actress and singer Anne Hathaway mixes it up with bright and bold coppery auburn streaks in her chestnut brown locks. The Twilight Saga actress Ashley Greene keeps her look contemporary and sexy with dark coppery auburn locks.

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