Dunno if they changed that. And I can only imagine him raging down the mic, so I wouldn't either. Under the old system, those alliances would've played much higher rated alliances wars. Everyone matches during the same time frame.

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We played several games last night after the update, and we did not notice any difference in match making. The better players will rise again and the lower players will fall again. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Thus, people are forced into accepting responsibility for being bad, unless you delude yourself otherwise.

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  1. It is a pointless metric at this point since war rating does not ensure you get matched up against opponents of close or equivalent war rating.
  2. Need a link to any supporting articles on the forum to prove that this is not a bug.
  3. Its like they are braindead!
  4. Forgot your username or password?
  5. That's like filling your house with bears and then since the bears are a problem, filling it with tigers to fight them.
  6. Once an alliance reaches a threshold in war rating, whatever part of the calculation matching based on prestige there is needs to be eliminated.

While on their end you weren't even firing! My problem is how it is implemented and the end result. If the actual result is better than the prediction your rating will rise, and if the actual result is worse than the prediction your rating will fall. It's flawed and gives those low prestige alliances much benefit.

Online matchmaking based on skill ( )

Not only was it hated by the community, dating sharps containers it was easily exploited mainly by Youtubers. It's a shame they take our money and give us crap product. It's going to ruin the game for casual and solo players like myself who just want to have fun. That is something that we are fundamentally opposed to. And utterly convinced the game is out to screw him.

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CoD Advanced Warfare SBMM Petition

Rising View Profile View Posts. How can that be exploited? This is what is wrong with the match making system. Agree about Overwatch matchmaking.

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There is a point at which you would think that you are not helping your teammates but just feeding the opposing team kills. They just respawn and move on. Sir Guts Use of alt account Member. We gotta post vids of the shite gameplay and spread that crap all over the Internet -Twitter, online dating sleeping YouTube etc.

  • Too hard to get into because the online is wicked.
  • Yes we did ckeck the leaderboard the those guys were very good for the most part.
  • Best ping, best experience, no cheaters etc.

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With dedicated servers you could play with a lot of the same people on a daily basis, but with matchmaking you'll probably never see the people you're playing with again. Rocket League also has absolutely terrible matchmaking. Apparently all of these smaller alliances with roughly the same war rating but much lower prestige continually play one another and their war ranking doesn't change that much. Both alliances have not sold champs.

Therefore, he must have played the entire game. Yes it is, I hope they change it in upcoming patch. The players who have been on my team today are awful!

When I host lobbies its even easier than playing on Uk servers. There is team balancing which is not the same thing. Care to explain what you mean by that instead of a rather typical response? The general principle behind them all is that you have a hidden number which is compared with the other people in the game to predict the result. Happens to all of us eventually, but blaming something that isn't there doesn't help anyone.

Halo is the only game that did it right. In general, if you keep losing, scientist dating artist the people you are playing with should steadily get worse until it evens out. An invention of the mind of Mako. Something has definitely changed in recent updates. It's literally the worst matchmaking system I've ever experienced.

Would make matchmaking more consistent no? Devs have confirmed it, though haven't explained the extent of it and have said that connection is still prioritized. Doesn't seem very competitive to me it'd be more like shooting fish in a barrel. Online matchmaking based on skill? You have to enlist first and then matchmaking starts.

Less opportunity to make friends with people, and it promotes a lot more toxic behavior. Biizzarro View Profile View Posts. It is the players that are in your area that you get matched up againest. There is a very cool word out there. Apparently, they want it like that.

Try german lobbies and uk lobbies and you will see how annoyingly good german players are. Firstly they should implement a solo queue and a party queue. Overwatch is probably the worst example you could've used. You guys are really not making me look forward to the dlc packs being released for Xbox. If this is the case, this is essentially a loophole.

Herded View Profile View Posts. They only need to use fewer items and get better rewards. Your teammates would get crushed by people better than them.

Whatever you want to call it. Let's think through this rationally, Mako. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Your loss is your own fault. Noob stomps are so boring.

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With that even having a low war rating would still try to match you with someone with comparable prestige. On some games it causes longer matchmaking times and it might even rise your ping if matchmaking prioritize skill level over ping like some CoD games. It gets boring if you have to constantly play against those tryhards. For example if I'm the best player on my team, I just know we'll lose.

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Besides what good skilled player wouldn't want to be matched up with players of the same skil. Skill-based matchmaking should never exist for quickplay in online games, the connection should always come first. Highly skilled players keeping their prestige down and getting great war matchups as a result. It doesn't mean skill is the only thing considered, it doesn't mean that games are tightly matched based on skill, it just means that skill is a factor in the matchmaking algorithm. Skill based matchmaking is a sham.

Please don't disregard the current match making mechanic unless you have looked at the leaderboard for alliances that should not belong. You will instead get matched against someone with close or equivalent prestige. Kabam Miike please see above. That's not my point though.

Foerl View Profile View Posts. In the end you have a pool of players who want to play at an exact moment in time and if you don't want absurd queue times you need to make compromises. This is why many can't find any lobbies at all because the game is looking at their stats first and trying to pair them up with others of equal and slightly less skill. Sometimes a new player can win veteran player, if the new player breaks the meta and does things that veteran player doesn't expect.

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