When he's on the stage, though, you see him laugh and giggle with all the others members. When I first debuted, I was too naive and couldn't emotionally invest myself into the love songs we sang so I was always reprimanded by our producer. Now that I have some love experience, I feel more mature about the songs I sing. Since Lee Soo Man is focusing on Kai, he will definitely not let him down.

No Memes, Jokes, or Shitposts Items intended primarily for humor are forbidden. Wake up to reality, idols aren't responsible for your lives. The company needs to know before the dating rumors leak so that they can confirm or deny it. It was a bit of a mess much moreso with Baek and Taeyeon. He even posted on Weibo about it, telling them to stop etc.

Korean news Dispatch caught BaekYeon dating

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Your fans laughed at every single letter and emoticon you used on your Instagram and worried and felt grateful for you. And in this case, Kpop is really in need. There are two points, Taeyeon-ah, to why I'm disappointed. This is so fucking sad and annoying.

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As if their lives aren't crazy already, they have to deal with stalkers who have no regard for the happiness of the people they claim to love. Many guessed it's either Jessica or Yoona but it's not them. It must be really stressful to have to constantly deal with them on top of trying to do your average idol work day or do things like go to your bother's wedding which they ruined, btw. And it doesn't seem like it's going to be going away anytime soon what with this latest thing with Baekhyun.

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Maybe it's because she was single? Why do I get the feeling that Member C is Taeyang? And God knows what else they say, I just hope he doesn't even read that. Those problems can broke the couple if they are not strong enough.

Who Is SNSD Kim Taeyeon s Boyfriend and Ex-Boyfriend

But no matter why they do it my biggest question is why is this still legal and why isn't there better protection. We come home to be consoled by our family but our family is too busy doing other things to care. He broke up with her according to him. Do you realize what situation your team is in? To go from a cheerful and bubbly guy to someone who is constantly looking out for threats is just terrible.

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  1. She's been depressed for forever.
  2. We wouldn't have been mad if Baekhyun was a clean person in the first place.
  3. This explains the dating scandal The thing we're butthurt is not about the fact that Baekhyun and Taeyeon are dating, but it's that they were using their fans for their relationship.
  4. Single-line or Twitter translations are not sufficient.
  5. Due to the amount of stress, he is also going through weight troubles, he says.

After broke up with Byun BaekHyun, she has never seen in public with another guy, But in there was some rumors, about she was dating. Lastly, he has a lot of controversies like Mentholatum, underage drinking, autistic person, and etc but now he's caught in a dating scandal. You should not have done that.

Idol dating news EXO Baekhyun SNSD Taeyeon

Can you explain to me in details about Lee Joon's quote here? Life is not only about love and date, model meet right? Remember to add flair to your post after submitting. Do they even think they are sasaengs?

Like very very interested. By making fools of their fans? Us fans no longer know where to go. If it's true then good for him but every person has a limit and I hope he never comes close to his.

And they've said this over the course of their career. People who don't understand depression need to stop accusing Taeyeon of faking her depression. That's why you made it, 100 free dating sites in after all.

He wants to balance the popularity level, but this actually creates the opposite effect. Follow the title formatting guide. Surely something could be done. For me, instead of feeling depress, she was actually looking careful, especially they kept asking about dating issue.

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Sasaengs confuse love with controlling someone and going on powertrips. So thinking like this every person that doesn't have anyone and that is poor shouldn't also have depression? They really should start promoting but it might be a cultural thing where they're too proud. Since we're in our twenties, falling in passionate love is inevitable but for the sake of our images and our fans, it's important to keep it a secret from the agency and the fans. Chanbaek is fake, no need to even say.

What are we to do when antis use words that are justified and we have no way to shield you? Imagine how Joonmyun feels to be betrayed by the members he trusted. Do these people not have friends or family that will call them out? We also collect information about your interactions with our email messages, such as whether the messages were opened and the links clicked in those emails.

Exo smtown ending a relationship

It is already deeply embedded in that fandom culture, yes, matchmaking but that still doesn't make it less ridiculous especially with fans going at them like they committed a crime. She said she doesn't really say anything until someone asks her and Hyoyeon suggested that they should ask and talk to her more. We do it in the hopes that you guys don't fall behind. They met at academy where they would practice together. Later it turned out that he said the right number and the innocent person was actually the sasaeng.

In k-pop dating counts as sort of a scandal, so yeah. We don't feel betrayed over you dating. Do they really think we're complaining about them dating? So it's possible for Taeyeon, if she has depression, to have her days where she's smiling and is happy while still being depressed. They keep sending me that message every day, at early mornings, every single day.

EXO s Baekhyun calls out sasaengs once again on Instagram Live kpop

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Suho has been rumored to be dating someone named Jenny Kim but. At least they're getting some in one form or the other. Here's a further translation thread for his live, including where he talks in detail about sasaengs. She is a very well-behaved and stays at home a lot. As a fan, I can only hope they have a strong support network and thick skin.

At the end of the day, the people who will suffer the most of the blow are no one else but Taeyeon and Baekhyun, and the worst is they are not even doing anything wrong. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard, considering he adores Chanyeol, and says he has the deepest talks with Baekhyun. Baekhyun is very smart and knows his things.

K-Pop Couple BaekYeon Dating Again

About their Instagram secret codes and everything, I would say both of them were being naive and immature. The only bad things that came out of this mess are mad fans from both sides, antis from both sides and all over taking advantage of the situation to create as much damage as possible. Follow Title Guidelines Submission titles should be detailed and direct. That I'm getting no reactions right now.

K-Pop Couple BaekYeon Dating Again
  • We had hope that you'd be different from the other singers.
  • The fan told him that she wanted to see him on it and he thought for a minute and said he'll think about it.
  • It was only through the help of Chanyeol supporting him that he managed to get home.

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Exo-Ls know he's dating and has probably been for some time but since he's not one of the more popular members not many care. Not to mention all of their dark past has revealed lately by their own fans. Well, chittagong dating dating doesn't always mean infinite happiness. It hasn't even been that long since your debut and you're dating?

This's where you should be careful. Clara shows off her va va voom figure at a film festival red carpet. Well considering all the sns posts on her instagram and secret messages it looks like she's pretty happy. Journalist needs to stop trying to milk this every chance they get.

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