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Paul McCartney was a great bass player, but as much as I respect him, I felt he was placed a bit high on the list, as far a bass player performance goes. Far too many are not listening to the bass players, or do not like the genre that they play, and it is preventing them to make fair comparisons. If you love mobile apps and games, this is the best place for you. No one even considers someone like Dusty Hill but he has made an indelible mark on history none the less. James Jamerson is the King.

However, what about Dennis Dunaway? Steve down the streets favorirte? We assure to deliver you many more amazing features with the app in the future. Who made up this list, cheerleaders and reality tv nonstars?

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How can bass be quantified? On both sides I need an Ernie Ball volume pedal. All I know is that there are some wonderful bass players on the list. Never been to Spain and Shambala were particularly melodic.

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Bruce Thomas is my personal fave. The melodic, percussive and vibrant sound he had was great.

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This coming from a long-time bassist. Uh, George Porter should be in there. With Stick Men, I insisted we do a piece of theirs for our first year on the road, though it was tough and not a great rendition, just to get us thinking in that vein. Go ahead and simply share funny tricks, rate stuff or just describe the way to get the advantage.

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In between all this bass magnificence he plays the Chapman Stick, the most intimidating musical instrument ever devised, in a variety of ensembles including the self-explanatory Stick Men. Good bass is down there holding the sound together not up in the treble trying to play lead on bass and muddying the whole thing. Few bands had a Bass player as the integral string melody. This app supports music formats saved to your device. Crowley then decided to return to his native Texas, nokia 5330 pc suite where he later pursued a career in country music.

It was easier to hear at the higher rpm. Put Tal Wilkerson on that list, too. But as often as not, they are the guys in the shadows laying it down.

Save playlists for iTunes. Paul Goddard of the Atlanta Rhythm Section should be in the top ten.

Description The best choice for your music library. As a guitarist, he winded up doing some interesting and progressive things at bass, much like Entwistle did with The Who.

Might have a better chance to honor more fine musicians. Definitely not music, or not only. Many good suggestions below, but I agree Herbie Flowers must not be omitted. Mel changed the way bass players held the bottom and also added great phrasing.

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Very emotional bass lines as well, and an innovator. Composes of list just have no ears! Also, what about Jimmy Blanton? Player gained popularity as a live act during the heyday of the s stadium rock era.

There were no clocks involved, it just seemed to organically work out that way every time. Two of the most underated and sadly forgotten amazing rock bassists of all time. Enjoy the best music experience in your smart phone. HiReal can be used as an offline melody user so you can put your smartphone in your vehicle to mimic a vehicle stereo, or play melody in the good outdoors to mimic that of a boombox! Armaan Malik Bhushan Kumar Angel video.

The legendary Tony Levin is truly a bass player for all seasons. What is really nice is to see bass players from different musical genres represented here. They are both pure masters of their craft and not even listed. His playing in Cactus was amazing!

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Great to see John Entwistle on top, and Steve Harris too! Joke right there, out and out crime not having Peter Hook at least mentioned. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Wonderful usage and an amazing app. Clayton had to learn on the fly.

Write questions and wait for the answer from other players. For other uses, see Bass player disambiguation. If you are going to have Jazz Musicians on a list like this, you have to put them all at the top of the list. Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer caught my ear early on, e. When they went increasingly world music it went even better.

Just repeat this sentence if you can. That level of melody and inventiveness challenged every bassist after him. He could play a lead bass as well as Entwistle, and had licks as good as McCartney or Casady. All a commercially rigged poll!

There was no other rock bass player doing what McCartney was doing at the time. Our team is thrilled to know that we could make a difference to you with our product. Dudes, This is a tough and subjective list to comprise, but I had to throw in to this. Player is an American rock band that made their mark during the late s. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The list is composed of just super famous and frontmen. This guys surely can play anything. He gained the most noteriety when playing in a New York based band called Taxi.