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The boy dies after being impaled accidentally and drowning in the swimming pool. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He meanwhile requests Sudheer to kiss Nanditha as she wants to experience her first kiss before dying to which Sudheer accepts with shame and shyness.

Films directed by Priyadarshan. The songs were composed by Kannur Rajan and film score by Johnson.

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But as time passes, she develops an affection towards Vishnu and hopes to marry him for real. When her boyfriend finds out that she will be disinherited, he ditches her at the altar. Nanditha, who observes Sudheer avoiding her to escape the wrath of the ghost, gets deeply hurt and depressed, resulting in a suicide attempt by slitting her wrist.

Firstly they try to fulfill their last wishes before leaving this world. Airtel Ringtone BlackBery. Sudheer develops feelings for Nanditha but hesitates to tell to her for fear of being humiliated by her.

Sathyameva Jayathe Villan. It is a simple story and is told interestingly and entertainingly. Sreekumar sang most of the songs in the film. When they are handled effectively, viewers will connect strongly to a story.

They decide to conceal the fact that her boyfriend dumped her. Mithun Chakraborty Vijay Kumar. In one sentence, it is a hilarious spooky thriller. Ad Edelweiss Super RingTone. Ad Alukkas-Penne Ninne Sundari.

Sathyam Prithviraj Theme Music. Chandrolsavam Theme Music Lal. Detective Suresh Gopi Theme.

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Carnatic music singer Neyyattinkara Vasudevan was a guest singer. Picture is a Indian Malayalam -language screwball comedy film written and directed by Priyadarshan.

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Thus the four are aware that they are not going to die. The entertaining and thrilling second half will make you happy. Veturi Sundararama Murthy.

From the next morning, they try to get the ghost vacate Nanditha's body only to earn the wrath of the ghost. Sudheer Babu Nanditha Praveen Saptagiri. Whenever Nanditha shows her feelings to Sudheer and Sudheer reacts to it by hugging or touching her, the ghost enters her body and scares Sudheer away.

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Kannur Rajan Johnson Score. One of them is the owner of the farm house. Revathy dies in the scuffle, Vishnu discovers that the man is actually her brother who is a naxalite. Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam Insrtrumental.

They come together to die in a farm house, where they encounter a ghost which takes over the heroine's body. The film was a phenomenal success at the Kerala box-office, it broke all existing records in Malayalam cinema until then. Prabhakar Reddy also is the cinematographer and S.

Sudheer reaches Nanditha but in turn is requested to kill those three by the ghost. That night Sudheer comes to know about Nanditha.

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Asianet-ShyamaSundhara Title Song. Uddhav provides the Editing. She gains consciousness, and the movie ends with Saptagiri and Praveen watching the couple hugging each other. Poornam Vishwanathan Ramachandra Menon. Prema Katha Chitram Directed by J.

The film was produced by P. This article is about the Malayalam film. When Praveen hears Sudheer describing Nanditha as a ghost, he rushes to Nanditha's room to scold her and ask for an apology to Sudheer, only to see the ghost enter her body and thrash him.

Soman Sukumari Lizy Maniyanpilla Raju. After Nanditha comes to know about the ghost's presence in her, she too accompanies the trio to escape from there, in vain. That night, dvd format movies Saptagiri too experiences the Ghost's fury at its villainous best. Then those three men bury her nearby.

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What happens following this, what they experience at this time and how they deal with it forms the rest of the movie. On the last night of Vishnu's stay at the house, he asks Jail Warden, is it possible for him to live, as he started to like life again. As he tries to kiss her, a ghost enters the body of Nanditha, who forces Sudheer out of there.

SongsPk Mp3