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On a pasture at sunrise Cows. An alert bull elk watches, while a cow elk stands in the background. With his neck held low, nose up and antlers pointing back, this rutting bull elk is exhibiting a posturing behavior commonly seen when a bulls herd wandering cows back into their harem.

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Milk cow eating grass at summer meadow Cow farm concept of agriculture, agriculture and livestock - a herd of cows who use hay in a barn on a dairy farm. Three curious cows investigating the camera Cows in a fresh grassy field on a clear day. Herd of cows in a countryside road Dairy cows.

The one in the foreground is mooing Cows. Bull Elk Tending Cow A bull elk walks toward a cow that he is tending. From Contributor separated by comma.

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Both looking at camera Cow farm concept of agriculture, agriculture and livestock - a herd of cows who use hay in a barn on a dairy farm. Cows standing dangerously close to an electric fence with curled wires Wisconsin Dairy Farm, Cow, Cows.

Search within Editor's Choice. Stands on the pasture vertical frame Funny Cow.

On a summer day Cows in a field. Rocky Mountain Elk A big bull Rocky Mountain elk approaches while displaying head-high threat behavior. Brown cow out in the grass Cow in Alps.

5 456 Free images of Cows

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Bull Elk Tending Cow Rutting behavior shown here, a big bull elk fresh out of a mud wallow tends a receptive cow bedded in a conifer forest. This big bull eventually intimidated the cow into standing so he could check if she was receptive to breeding. Two cows standing in a green pasture Cows. Alert Bull Elk An alert bull elk watches, while a cow elk stands in the background. Vet male working at the barn with simmental cows Two Cows.

On a farmland in East Devon Farmer with Cows. Funny cow on a green meadow looking to a camera with Alps on the background Dairy cow. Friesian Dairy Cows in a rural setting Calf cows. Picture taken with low point of view Cows.

Lying on the autumn grass Holstein cow eating ahead of her brand new mostly white calf. Black and white cows in a grassy field on a bright and sunny day in The Netherlands Two Cows. Black and white Holstein Cows eating fodder in a cowshed Cows. Standing on the grass Irish cows. In the grass Hereford Cow.

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Cows Photos

Schockl mountain above Graz place to visit Cows. Cows in street at Manali, story maker app india Cows on clouds. Brown cows at the farm in mountains Two cows.

Frosty Bull Elk With heavy frost on the grass, and on the elk's back and antlers, this rutting bull elk guards his harem of cows not pictured. White-and-black dairy cow in pasture at sunset, closeup shot Cow. The fine details of Furry highland cow in Isle of Skye, Scotland. On the farm Cows in pasture at sunset. Eating grass at the field Milk and cow.

Curious cow looking close in photo camera Cow. Holstein cow close-up, licking its nose with its tongue Close up cow portrait. Family of cows at the beach Milking cows.

Brown cow in Alps on high mountain pasture with bavarian lake Tegernsee in background Cow. In a meadow, standing and looking at the camera Cute cow.

Cows in a modern Wisconsin dairy farm barn. Cow on a fresh green grass meadow in germany Mother and baby cow. Cows in dutch landscape standing in flowers Cows.

Close up of three cows standing in a sunny meadow. Two cows resting under a beech tree, away from the summer heat Famer and cows.

Curious snifing cow snifing camera lens Cuts of Meat on a Cow. Threat Posture A smaller bull has dispersed this herd bull's harem not pictured. Near the village, landscape Cows.

Elk Lip Curling A rutting bull elk in lip curling Flehmen response. Two black white cows in a farm field, Clifden, Ireland Cattle - cows. Cow on a white background eating leaves. Bull Elk An aggressive bull elk posturing while tending cows.

All Photos Illustrations Videos Audio. Search Photos Prints Stock. Looking at the camera Sad and sick cow. Usage of material from this website without explicit written permission or tampering with copyright identification information is a violation of the Copyright Act. Fat cows enjoying the warm weather and laying on the grass Cows.

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