Danish phrases dating

Danish phrases dating

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Our words for fries and potato chips, respectively. Fantastic, used by posh people.

Expression denoting reserve

Actually named for an extravagant New Yorker, but it's definitely an English phrase. An archaic phrase referring to getting something done through manipulation and deceiving such as wangling your way out of a sticky situation. At the time, the Kingdom of Denmark extended across both sides of the Sound, and on the eastern shore the Helsingborg Castle had been in existence since the Middle Ages.

British censors, on the other hand, were not amused. According to this tradition, the original flag from the Battle of Lindanise was used in the small campaign of when King Hans tried to conquer Dithmarschen in western Holstein in north Germany. Said to come from when Cockney troops were stationed in Iraq between the World Wars, as it's the Arabic word for girl. Glasgow, disgustingly rich a good two-bedroom flat in nice parts of the city can easily cost more than a very good four-bedroom house in the suburbs. Somewhat archaic these days, mostly used by posh folk.

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The stone building in the northeastern corner contained the king's residence. General Gordon Bennett was an Australian army general who led his men abysmally badly during the military disaster in Malaya and Singapore. At a second he was so tired in his arms that he dropped them and the Danes then lost the advantage and were moving closer to defeat. Rarely applied to men, due to differences in standards. The stage was in the telegraph tower in the southwest corner of the castle.

Seven more tapestries are at the National Museum of Denmark, while the rest have been lost. After their completion, Kronborg was considered the strongest fortress in Europe. He notes that the flag was in a poor condition when returned. Henrik Rantzau in records that the flag after its return to Denmark was placed in the cathedral in Slesvig. Expression denoting reserve and practicality in the face of trouble.

Seven more tapestries are at the

The tails are the length of the flag. Occasionally inverted, woman to man.

If you're an American and you ask for chips in a grocery store, you'll be directed to the frozen aisle. Actually predates the greeting. This is now thought to be unlikely as the phrase isn't recorded until a good thirty years later. The building in the southeastern corner possibly served as the chapel.

If you're an American andAfter their completion Kronborg was consideredActually predates the greeting