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Jack's a genius, how could they have not seen this before? However, the seminar is a ruse orchestrated by Vlad Masters - a. Danny and Tucker become obsessed with an online game.

As the other ghosts escape, he returns to the prison cell to retrieve the gift and discovers that humans can't be hurt by ghosts in the Ghost Zone, because in the Ghost Zone, humans are the ghosts. Tucker finally feels listened to, but his glory consumes him, and he sends Casper High back to an ancient Egypt-like place. Danny didn't ask for - and doesn't want - Jazz's help, and after a series of humiliating mishaps, Danny blows up at his sister.

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Technus is back, with a new plan to beam himself up to a super satellite and take over the world, and he's going to use Axion Labs to do it. But when Vlad double-crosses Vortex, the ghost conjures a storm that threatens to drown Amity Park!

And if they don't stop him, he'll escape into the internet and take over every computer in the world! Of course, this is the same time that Technus - ghost master of technology - has escaped into Danny's online game! Vlad is back, only now he's dying of ecto-acne, a direct result of the lab accident with Jack and Maddie years ago. It's up to Danny to save the city, make it to the party in time, and reconcile with Sam and Tucker. Jack brings his entire family to Wisconsin for his college reunion hosted by his old friend, Vlad Masters.

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Peter MacNicol as Sidney Poindexter. This article has multiple issues. Vlad ends up shooting Danny in a mistaken effort to make himself look good. The town of Amity Park is thrown into chaos by the town's first mass invasion of ghosts.

List of Danny Phantom episodes

It's time for Danny and his classmates to take their Career Aptitude Tests, and Danny is freaking out. Danny Phantom was well received by both television critics and audiences. And then, microsoft office 2007 urdu Danielle reveals that she too has ghost powers - she's Dani Phantom! List of Danny Phantom episodes.

Turns out it's all a dream! As a distraction, Vlad anonymously offers a million-dollar bounty to eliminate Danny Phantom. Danny steals Jack's untested battle suit to wage war against the Ghost King. Only by doing so, he changes the present - now Maddie's married to Vlad and living in Wisconsin, and Jack's an evil ghost named Jack Plasmius! Worse yet, Danny's ghost powers don't work so well in his tiny form.

Danny Phantom

List of Danny Phantom episodes

Before she can get to the bottom of the mystery, she's inadvertently crowned Miss Teenage Happy Princess by its happy-go-lucky judge, Danny Fenton! So far, the clones he creates can't sustain their forms for very long, but Vlad is determined to succeed. Will Danny manage to evade capture by a ghostly villain and save his biology grade?

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Nickelodeon Animation Studios. Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz return to find some strange things emerging from the ghost portal. Now Danny must survive the grueling rules the billionaire-turned-politician has placed. Worse, Danny is thrown into prison, with every ghost he's ever caught. In this episode, Dani Phantom is now voiced by Krista Swan.

Danny Fenton is losing his mind! This is a list of all episodes of Danny Phantom.

But this is a new and improved Technus, a smoother operator who refuses to shout out his plans. Determined to get it back, Danny ventures into the Ghost Zone for the first time. Lancer, pegs the overshadowed Jack as a chaperone for the dance.

His power increases, but he becomes bound to Danny's schedule. Danny and Valerie's budding romance comes full-bloom when the two start dating, making Sam extremely jealous. The three of them successfully trap Technus in a glitch in the game before Mr. But, far in the distant reaches of the Ghost Zone, a group of beings called the Observants has been keeping an eye on Danny's future, and don't like what they see.

Gregor, a goth transfer student from Europe. Lancer requests a parent-teacher conference with his dad. Butch Hartman Scott Peterson story. Moon supports his score and theme song with a prominent bassline and often explores the funk genre, especially in scene transitions. However, Vlad manages to steal it.

In order to defeat Technus, he decides to use his ghost powers in the game, too, and he quickly catches up with Sam and Tucker in the game. Danny is now trapped in a scenario where everyone talks in rhyme! Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The Box Ghost is tired of being unappreciated as a terrifying ghost.

And I've been really wanting to do one for a long time, and I think it'd be a lot of fun, wouldn't it? As revenge on the men, Spectra, Kitty, and Ember join forces and use their powers to make all males vanish from Amity Park. He nearly succeeds, but Danny stops him and sends him back to the Ghost Zone. More trouble awaits at the dance, however, when it turns out that the amulet he gave Paulina turns anybody into a huge ghost dragon when angered.

Steve Marmel, Sib Ventress. Jazz attempts to investigate Danny's recent changes in personality.

Unfortunately, as Technus puts his plan into action at Axion Labs, Valerie realizes her role as ghost hunter is putting her family and friends in danger. The show was full of action and humor, and the characters felt real and layered. But on a class trip to the museum, the ancient ghost Hotep-Ra recognizes him as a long lost pharaoh. Vlad Plasmius places the entire town of Amity Park in jeopardy when he releases the evil Ghost King, Pariah Dark, who invades both the ghost and mortal worlds. The series gathered a cult following.