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It is also stated in the talks that the fusion was made shortly before he lost his memory. He has to untangle the web of the events before he can get to the bottom. His habits are similar to that of Yuri, even his hair color has also started changing after that. Now the world is looking forward the next third part.

Also before the release of the full game conducted beta testing, and it participated in it our protagonist - kirigami under the name - Kirito. The light novel series is still running and has recorded an appreciable sell.

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The only way to seal the spirits are by making them fall in love and then kissing them. There are several fan theories all around the internet, such one fan theory suggests that ever since Shido has awakened the fusion he has transformed in several ways. Hopefully, it is going to happen very soon.

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Kirito has to deal with a number of murder investigations. It is a de facto sequel with new characters and new scenarios. It was recently announced that the third volume of the manga will be the last. The duo together finds out that Kayaba himself is playing as the leader of the guild Asuna. More than million casualties are caused by this Spatial Quakes.

The second season events

Expected in Unfortunately, for now, no official release date has been announced or teased yet. The third volume will be shipped by Kadokawa throughout Japan this winter. Due to the impressive popularity of the game gained a huge number of participants. Those spirits can be sealed by only a few people with special abilities and one of them is Shido. Thus, the second chapter comes to be even more exciting than the first one.

This begins the series of Shido dating the spirits and sealing them one by one. If you like the genre Adventure, Anime, Fantasy look like at the end of the news. Just like the light novel series, anime adaptation earned great popularity and became a commercial success. Single and romance, as in the anime very much love the moments that touch the soul, radiocarbon dating how reliable and a lot about the topic of loneliness.

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Only now, one problem this very crazy genius, both in general and other geniuses. It is teased that there may be a bigger fusion in the third season that may lead to a greater destruction than the Spatial Quakes. This long episode introduced the events of the first season retroactively and contained some new video material.

When will the new season start? The second season events Everything is over. On his madness on the more I will talk about later on. These dreams will shade some light on his dreams of the graveyard and Yuri Hyuga. Together, they are trying to finish the game end.

In order to know about himself and his past, Shido will date the spirit of Alice. With the help of the Nerve Gear, the headgear that stimulates the five senses directly in the brain, the gamers can control their virtual characters by the power of their mind. However, there is one exception, Asuna Yuuki. Seijirou once did Kirito a good favor, and now he wants him to return it. Now, this is not official.

The protagonist is an orphan whose name is Kirito. Director Ito Tomohiko currently has not made an official statement about the release date continue. Hopefully, the new episode of the series will be out soon enough. According to a Facebook rumor, the release date for the third season has been delayed.

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The amine adaptation also earned very good review from fans as well as critics and is one of the most commercially successful anime series. Till then Stay tuned for the latest updates of our favorite anime. The first season was out in the second half of the year. In the second season when Shido talks about his fusion ability, he recalls something from his past that he once did the most powerful fusion of his understanding. It would be interesting to see if Kirito and Asuna gets a happy ending in the third season.

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But everything seems to have a dangerous side to it. By the way, the name of genius - Akayaba Akihiko. It is time to talk about the mad genius plan.

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After the release, they rush to buy the disks with this game to submerge into a virtual reality. He learns from Kotori that these quakes are caused by spirits wandering in the real world. Keep up to date with information when-release. There has been no confirmation, and you should not expect season three to appear in a few days or weeks. The plot of the game it is very original.

The adaptation ended covering only a part of Shido's first date with Tohka. So the only way to get out of the game - is to pass it, that is to defeat all mobs and bosses. The duo together confronts Kayaba and destroys him in order to free others as well as themselves from the game.

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