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Karin, sounds as if your wheel has been through too many changes in heat or humidity? Just pinch the yarn guide and slide it to where you want your yarn on your bobbin. This led to total frustrations and I gave up. The flyer and bobbins are usually custom made to the wheel.

The Ashford Traveller has a compact castle style and a built in lazy kate, along with it's great spinning capability. Is my Ashford unreasonably slow? One Ashford I saw recently has three choices of where to put the band while I only have one. So I took the spinning wheel to a local carpenter who has worked on a few spinning wheels.

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New nylon universal bearings for the con rod. Not extremely bulky, dating a man the orifice is only so big. Is there a special way to bring it back together? So these hybrids are not just made of collections of spare parts the sort of thing some call a Frankenwheel. He redid the hole for one of the maidens.

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Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel - Single Drive - Unfinished

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In general it looks as though Wilson may have refined his style, while at the same time simplifying some details of construction, particularly around the hub and the conrod. Have you seen any other types of hybrid wheel? See individual pages for details. Can you post a picture of the back of the wheel? Now I began to think I had made a terrible mistake in letting it go.

  1. Sturdy, padded canvas carry bag with nylon lining to protect your wheel.
  2. The wheel has crashed over on one side, as I make a sharp turn.
  3. What material is the best to start out with?

But look at those flyer bearings! On the positive side, it does have plenty of pictures and it is clear that an enormous amount of research went into it. With the extra hole there in the front and the age estimation I am definitely thinking there is a flax distaff that has been lost along the way. Both for my kind of wheel, and for a newbie? For the Joy Spinning Wheel This fantastic new flyer gives you the freedom to spin your wild carder batts into fabulous, fun and funky art yarns on your Joy spinning wheel.

Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel - Single Drive - Unfinished

Can this be put onto my wheel? Quite different of course are wheels that have had missing or broken parts replaced. For the first two or three weeks every time I sat down at that wheel I oiled all parts that moved. Is the flyer quite yellow in real life? Knowing a smidge about wood, i can tell you that, wood this old is down to cellulose.

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This made a huge difference. The first thing to know is that you need to be very, very careful not to break a flyer arm. So I talked about the clever New Zealanders who have made wonderful spinning wheels, and how worthwhile it is to look after the wheels and find out their stories. For example the axle of mine is firmly sealed into the hub, and probably has needle roller bearings like those Mike Keeves found in the spindle assembly when he was making me a new flyer. Might be that one is intended for the bobbin break but I don't know.

Ashford Spinning Wheel Accessories

Mine has a complicated connection involving unsealed ballbearings where it joins the crank. Fibreglass arms make these flyers light and strong. The yarn is controlled in the hook as you spin. Finally, chace crawford dating there was nothing to pay. You shouldn't have to work at it.

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They are excellent spinners and their owners love them. Then it gets so tight the wheel won't turn. Just stop the footman in the right place, and never have to touch the wheel. Over the years, who is liam from one there have been times when I used it and other times it's been packed away.

While Stocks Last Great value This is an excellent beginner wheel due to its easy learning ratios, double treadle and affordable price. Last year I won a half pound of carded, dyed fleece, ready to spin as a doorprize at a small conference. Weaknesses The orifice and other pieces are either metal or plastic. If it's middle aged you may be able to replace just the wheel itself. Then there are the conrods footmen and their connections.

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  • Tap to turn on tap to turn off.
  • It was persnickety about what I used for a drive band.
  • It is really easy to start and restart the wheel with the heel of your foot.
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We were told to check for worn bearings when looking for a wheel and this one doesn't have any and works very smooth. Sheep are going crazying - again! How might we explain the similarities and differences? Someone suggested that it may be hand made. Connected to the small whorl of the high speed flyer I actually get less than ten!

After about the fourth time this happened I decided that the time had come to try the new flyer and maidens. Spin a variety of yarns using the four ratios. Four bobbins are supplied and are quick and easy to change. We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously. These are by far the nicest combs I've ever used, and the best wearing.

If it's been sitting and not in use it will be stiff. Presentation wheels were commissioned by a guild or spinning group to give to their most outstanding members. For all eSpinners manufactured after January that include the foot controller plug on the rear power panel. Big drive wheel, small whorls on bobbin and flyer make for fast spinning of a fine yarn with a tight twist - exactly what you want for weaving, but excellent for other uses too.

Graphite fibreglass arms make these flyers light and strong. The orifice and other pieces are either metal or plastic. It has a classic Saxony, yet contemporary style and is available as scotch tension or double drive. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account.

There were no creaks or moans of tortured joints. You should do this for any wheel, but it's especially important for maintaining older wheels. The stretchy drive cord does not require any adjustment as you change from one ratio to another and always maintains the correct tension. It has such a larger circumference to the whorl that it takes up a lot more of the length of the drive cord.

Fairly bulky, a jumbo flyer is easily attatched. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The Footman arm conveys the power to the crank which turns the wheel. You'll probably need new leathers for the flyer to sit in. You'll be needing a spindle next.

The knob that controls the tilt of mother of all, is very round, and has a piece of round metal set into the middle of it. But I could be wrong about the dates, this is just my best guess. The bottom has a piece of leather slotted into conrod and treadle, almost exactly like an early Traddy. So how come they were charging me so much levy on tiny earnings?

As I said, the Elizabeth is a bit tough for beginners to master. It's a double drive wheel, marriage without dating sub indo so having two bands or one band looped around twice is correct. The bobbin dropped into it. You do have a low speed but you don't have a huge orifice hole.

This is the standard of reference books on antique spinning wheels and helped us to understand the history and types in identifying our wheel. Unlike any Nagy ever made, they are Picardy-style wheels with the flyer in front of the maidens. There are even more people out there that will tell you xyz is the one and only way to do it. Yes it should fill up the space and line up directly with the drive wheel. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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