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Chin up, ladies, and handle with care Limbo definitely has to come from the Dutch language, implying a kind of stress many candidates have failed to comply with. But there is an upside Looking at the bright side, discovering new social ways is also intriguing.

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That being said, there are so many other simple ways to keep the boat floating in most countries. Dutch boys are far from being open books.

Who does in this day and age, have time for games and doubts anymore when for instance, Tinder became so popular and socially acceptable here? Be ready for some serious nodding, solidarity and advice flying all across the room.

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Is the love game like Dutch cuisine, slightly blunt but with strong possibilities to spice it up a bit? The thrill, passion and surprises are sadly not an option. Smooth transitions to a naturally functional couple? Dutch men are overall well-travelled, sporty and ambitious.

And this is where the hagelslag crumbles. If you want something, come out and play, and more importantly, ask for it. Whatever, here I am, regardless of the red flags and myths concerning this overrated topic, jumping in. En route for the Holy Grail Anyway. It leaves you some personal space and freedom Dutchies are so deeply attached to.

Okay maybe not all of them are Doutzen Kroes hot but you get the picture Still looking to hunt for a red-pants-gel-haired viking? There are tons of foreigners, expats and tourists, so forget about your supposedly sexy accent, looks and manners, these weapons are now part of the furniture. These trends prove how being in a relationship actually matters.

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Ad But before you even consider dating in the Netherlands, is ariana grande dating someone new you should first consider learning some Dutch pick-up lines. But the dating in the Netherlands and those habits are an endless struggle.

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Do us a favor, do not use it. And wait, how in hell am I supposed to keep my cool on the back of a bike with the rain and wind ruining my eyeliner and hairdo, considerably reducing my sexiness potential. As much as I love exoticism and variety, I believe in eating local wherever I go, so Dutch men it is.

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