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For titles, you can choose a font style and size, color, opacity, alignment, and animation and even adjust kerning and leading for the ultimate in finetuning. When presenting a slideshow, you want audio to be your companion, not a competitor. Make your slideshows talk. Your media libraries and options are located in a hideaway column on the left hand side of the application, whilst the Storyboard and Timeline areas are tabulated at the bottom of the display.

FotoMagico comes in two versions, Pro and Express. With FotoMagico Pro, skm software photographers can access Aperture libraries and apply watermarks to their images.

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Fotomagico in its usual chaos. Get your images tagged faster with crucial info like credit and copyright to protect your business. Ever since I stopped shooting chrome and switched to digital in I have been using Photo Mechanic every day on either my desktop or laptop Macs.

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Photo Mechanic is an essential software for all photographers, period. No ability to change the layout of the applications main windows, cost is high for non-professionals, voice narrative functionality is hard to find.

It is important to note that true photo editing can not be done within the application, but changing a color cast on the go is certainly useful. This same process can be applied to movie and audio clips. It sports a very clean and intuitive yet powerful user interface. Your audience will never fall asleep again. The Audio Inspector allows users to loop the audio, link the timing to the slides or lock in the timing.

Audio is presented as a graphical waveform and allows you to easily set fade in and out points. This area is also used for previewing your project. These options allow you setup your project for specific screen types, styles and custom resolutions. Photo slideshow applications are nothing new to the Mac. The timeline can also expand to show the different media types you have used.

Your slideshow uses the best possible resolution of your presentation device. You can set custom durations to a tenth of a second, as well as applying new transitions and modifying other basic aspects such as color correction and opacity levels to photographs and video. Even iPhoto does a reasonable job. Storyboard will present each piece of media as a thumbnail sized icon.

Weave your story into a slideshow

Beyond the addition of a toolbar with dropdown menus, most of the action takes place in the sidebar and timeline. Lisa Mark Photo Mechanic is my secret weapon.

With the built-in Animation Assistant, Fotomagico takes full control over how images move inside your slideshow. Use the Options button to tweak slide timing, duration, motion, and transitions for single or multiple photos. Now, each slide can support up to six layers of still images, video and titles, each with its own animation.

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Releasing Mac Pro Details is Essential. Photo Mechanic is built to play nice with your other post-processing and creative tools so that you're in control. Unfortunately, there is no infinity option.

Just apps, fully unlocked. Setapp uses cookies to personalize your experience on our website. You can include text on any slide with the Add Title button, and use the Options panel to adjust font, alignment, opacity, and motion. While you remain the main architect, Fotomagico gets it all done.

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It performs as advertised and exceeds expectations. This simplicity is truly appreciated and makes modifying the slideshow and appearance of media a breeze.

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Voice narration is available, but hidden away in the Menu Bar. The application also gives you the option to convert the file format directly within the app if the file type is supported. You can also give the slideshow an expiration date. When closing slideshows, you are no longer required to do a full save if you didn't add any new media files.

Finally, deliver those images to the world with powerful export features. It would also be nice to have the ability to export to Vimeo, a competitor of YouTube. Try before you buy Amy and Jordan Demos PhotoMechanic saves us hours every time we cull a wedding because we can select images at lightning speed.

Slideshows that move

Your slides fit together perfectly with the new, gorgeous transitions. Simply click and drag around the canvas within the Preview window. The minute you put down the camera, your post-processing workflow begins. An Options Inspector provides additional tools and actions for images, movies, titles and audio.

Weave your story into a slideshow