Frat guy jokes on dating

Frat guy jokes on dating

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They were about to have sex when the girl stopped. This explains the accident. Sometimes I see a really great outfit, I'll break up with someone on purpose. You try to incorporate the fraternity in everything you do. The girl's father stands up again.

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Anytime something bad happens you want to find a brother and get drunk. He went to pick her up and her mom answered the door.

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He asked to be excused, went into the kitchen and poured a tall, cool glass of milk. He then placed his sunburned member in the milk and experienced immediate relief of his pain. She'll screw all night if we let her.

When the movie was over, he goes to the bathroom again, still with a tremondously long line. But, he was determined not to miss his date, so he put some lotion on his manhood and wrapped it in gauze. The blonde, however, wondering what he was doing, wandered into the kitchen to see him with his member immersed in a glass of milk.

So they can park in handicap spaces. The best dating jokes It's and Bobby goes to pick up his date, Peggy Sue. Before too long, she becomes pregnant and they don't know what to do. The line was long, so he went back to the lobby, got the food, and went back into the theatre. They had planned a perfect evening.

This explains the accident