Ghid De Conversatie Roman Englez

La ce ora se deschid magazinele? Cand se va intoarce acasa la el? Ea nu este aici, trebuie sa fie bolnava. Televizorul nu functioneaza. Where could I find inexpensive clothes?

They have beautiful jewels. It was a misunderstanding. Why are you angry with them?

Ghid de Conversatie Roman-Englez

Tu nu trebuie sa razi de ei. Our elder son is ten, his brother is three. Rezolvari Substantivul Comun si Propriu. How many newspapers are there in this country?

Ghid de conversa ie rom n-englez

Fraza Engleza Forma negativa - Exercitii. She phoned me last Wednesday. Has your brother brown hair? Trebuie sa cumperi un computer nou.

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You must not use this computer. Care este adresa ta de acasa? Ar fi mai bine sa luam cina aici.

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Does anyone here speak Romanian? Rezolvari - Substantive Engleza, Formare Plural. Adjectivul in Limba Engleza - Exercitii. Prezentul si Trecutul Continuu in Engleza - Exercitii. Snow often falls in winter.

She would like me to accompany them. There are two armchairs in the living room. Aceste cizme sunt prea mari pentru mine. His heart is not very strong.

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The taxi driver stops at the filling station. He didn't like our whisky.

Why don't you come with us? Cate carciumi sunt in orasul asta? These trousers are too short.

Her teeth are small and very white. Tells sau tell Did he tell you why? Intrebam si Exprimam Varsta. Mijloc de transport public -En. Putem ajunge acolo cu autobuzul?

Could I please see the menu? Do you know at what time lunch is served? Vremea este foarte frumoasa. The curtains are too small for this window. Macaroane cu branza, Unt, Sampanie.

Nu trebuie sa cumperi masina aceasta. Would you like a bigger kitchen? Adjectivul pronominal demonstrativ.

Am intarziat din cauza blocarilor de circulatie. Mai bine ai lua niste carne friptura de vaca. How is it that he is late? The bus is going at full speed.

He has his hat in his hand. Poti conduce cu viteza mare pe autostrada. Eu trebuie sa mananc mai putina paine.

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Do you want an English book? Tu nu trebuie sa muncesti prea mult. Gradul Superlativ Engleza Adjective.

Here are my address and my phone number. Do you know who is this man? As dori sa rezerv o camera pentru doua persoane.

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As dori inca un pahar cu apa. How is it that he is so stupid? Fiul nostru are sapte ani. Exista vreo posibilitate de a telefona?

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