The naked truth about dating a hippy

I'm dating a hippie

The naked truth about dating a hippy

She will make

She is one of those rare people left who values trust above all and she will guard your secrets till the day she dies. But we also have a ton of other common interests and it is no chore whatsoever to tone down my hippie tendencies and still maintain my self identity. She is genuine and positive. In fact, we're still friends almost twenty years later and I still think back on some of the things he introduced me to. We broke up for other reasons, but as far as I know, she still thinks she has these powers.

If she accepts it and maybe teases you back you may have fun with the whole thing and relax. He has learned to respect my instincts about people to the point where he'll ask me about how I read the dynamic in a tense family situation and I let him give me investment advise.

There are plenty of things you can do with someone besides going to concerts. It's one thing to have intellectual differences, even strong intellectual differences. She likes deep and philosophical discussions. This relationship was tons of fun at the beginning. It's likely that she probably thinks you're going to be irritating with all your facts and figures.

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Hippie girls from this era combine the best of the new and old worlds. So in the end, I think what you'll have to figure out is if the similarities trump the differences and go from there.

But if you don't have open communication and mutual respect, and aren't able to bridge that gap, then it's a good bet you'll not get very far with this one. Dating for a hippie girl is all about freedom. We had our moments of strife, for sure, but none related to the aforementioned.

She will open brand new horizons. You will admire her strength. So, if you want to take her out, ask before she goes on her next adventure. She likes the way your hair looks in the morning.

She admires intelligence in a man. What also needs to be gauged is intensity level. She will make you use your imagination like you never did before.

She admires intelligence