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The first was the way you worded my capital murder indictment. He demanded that Stacey end her relationship with Wilkerson. Powell ordered Kristie to go to the basement.

Then I stepped back onto her throat and moved up and down putting more pressure to make it harder to breathe. In response to a question from one of them, Kristie identified Powell as her attacker. And then she walked over to me again I think and then I pulled my knife out and you know, and she looked at me you know. Kristie regained consciousness sometime after Powell had left her home. When I got back, she was on the phone so I went inside and I laid down on the couch.

When Culver went to the basement in search of a telephone, he discovered Kristie lying naked and bound on the floor, bleeding from her neck and stomach. Someone knocked on the door to the house, and Powell went upstairs, leaving Kristie naked and bound on the basement floor. We continued talking when she had everything in the wash and I reached over and touched her tit and asked if she wanted to fuck. She suffered stab wounds in her back and arm. Powell wrote a letter to a friend while he was incarcerated.

We talked while she put her clothes in the wash. Nothing you can do about it now so fuck you you fat, cocksucking, cumguzzling, gutter slut. You know the rest of what happened after that point. Kristie was transported by helicopter to Inova Fairfax Hospital where she received treatment for her injuries. She also had abrasions on her left hand and wrist that were characterized as defensive wounds.

These injuries were not

Although Powell did not know whether Stacey was still alive, he made no effort to determine her condition or call for medical assistance. The survival knife sheath contained a dark reddish-brown stain. Stacey was talking to Wilkerson on the telephone.

When she heard

When she heard the phone she pulled her pants back up and said she had to answer the phone. The wound pattern indicated that the blade of the knife pierced her heart and was twisted upon withdrawal.

When I stabbed her she fell

After I got up, she got up and started fighting with me and clawed me face. Powell also initially denied raping Kristie. When she went downstairs, I got up and shut and locked the back door and went downstairs. Powell then strangled Kristie with a shoelace and she lost consciousness.

The medical examiner testified that there was a single entrance wound and two exit wounds indicating that the knife had been withdrawn, at least partially, and then reinserted into the heart. Wilkerson had recently moved to another locality, but he and Stacey remained in contact. Powell enclosed a photograph of a partially nude woman.

These injuries were not consistent with Stacey merely having fallen during a struggle. When I stabbed her, she fell back against the door jam and just looked at me with a shocked look on her face.