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We now have access to more examples of interracial coupling in Canada. We need more media that is more representative of the actual population in which we live, that reflects what it is that we're choosing in our own lives. She spoke with The Globe and Mail about the daily realities of mixed-race families. These are the consequences of the choices that we're making that I have to face in my community.

It offers a different window into thinking about the possibility of successful interracial partnering. They want to become more white because they saw it as much more appealing racial group to identify with. They recognize that choosing a partner is about so much more than basing it on their racial category. They start looking for somebody from their more racialized side, meaning if they're Asian white, they try to find an Asian partner, or if they're black and white, they choose a black partner.

The only thing that mixed-race people have in common, if they look racially ambiguous, is an understanding of the fluidity of the cultural capital that they have moving through the world. Cities such as Saguenay and Trois-Rivieres, Que.

They get to experience a whole different dimension of how race is lived out in Canadian society. All the numbers from Statistics Canada show that yes, we are seeing more interracial relationships, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the racism is decreasing. Sonia Ellis-Seguin's parents were both born in Jamaica and immigrated to Canada before she was born.

Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement So many of the mixed-race people I interviewed spoke about the challenges that their own parents faced as interracial couples. These are the partnerships that tend to stick. They choose partners because they enjoy the same kind of music, hobbies or passions. It's an early kind of euphoria around celebrating multiracialism in Canada. People who are in interracial relationships are still experiencing a lot of racism.

This interview has been edited and condensed. So many people were surprised by that, but those of us who do work in this area, we weren't surprised at all. It showed that the anger over racial mixing has such a long and tortured history that has nowhere near been banished. It corrodes the trust that can exist between them because of misunderstandings. And so a chasm was created.

Story continues below advertisement It's heartening to hear that what people ultimately land on goes beyond race. They were married in and now have a month-old son, Simon Peter, as well as shared custody of Seguin's two sons from a previous interracial marriage. It shows how the backdrop of living and growing up in a multicultural country influences how they think about racial categories and the choices that they make in partnering up. We're all mixed in some way, but we tend to forget that. Having that window is really interesting and it's key for the white person.

We've romanticized this notion far too quickly. They understand the racial gaze a lot more.

It's so much more complicated than that. The reality is that so many people who are mixed are choosing partners who are also mixed.

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Even though we say we've come far, society still has its problems. It's now moving beyond race. We hear that patronizing gushing, that mixed-race babies are the most beautiful babies. It's a question that intrigues Minelle Mahtani, who has dared to ask whether interracial couples and their families still test the limits of tolerance in this country.

Story continues below advertisement It's only through partnering and being on a really deeply intimate level with somebody that we see how they live out their lives. What I found interviewing women of mixed race in Toronto is that they changed who they decided to partner with over time.

They choose partners because they

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