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These records are really the cornerstones for me. Pin It By Carol Anne Szel He is nothing if not diverse, both in his musical style, influences and the range of artists he has worked with. It was such a dramatic change for them. To me, when I would listen to Rush records I was in a stadium.

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So here was this woman who was such a strong persona and was so punk rock and so dangerous. This one in particular took them to a new place. It was so over-the-top and absurdly flamboyant and beautiful.

While he was very sensitive and he had no trouble revealing his deepest darkest secrets, he also just made it so cool, you know? If used properly, it really does have a place in rock music as an instrument. And yes it was a rock band with heavy rock guitars but it was also this voice that was so unusual and an instrument in and of itself. You should always be looking at new territory.

Being rebellious and doing things that nobody would expect you to do. The attitude of it was just incredible. And I was so taken by that. It was a real landmark record.

Again, just like Rush, I was taken with the incredible musicianship. Because, to me, lyrically, Rush was such an amazing band. And when you sit and listen to those records, I was just always taken by how fast they sounded. Because at the time we knew about the limitations of recording. And sonically it was just bombastic.

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The records he produces, the songs that he writes and sings. The songs on it were very, very radio-friendly, but it also represented a real shift in Sonics for that band. The Cars were probably one of the first bands that I started learning their songs. From the first minute I heard Freddie Mercury sing, rainer barbi pipe dating I felt like he had discovered what I wanted to discover in music.

And then we all accepted that and embraced it. So when I started digging into how they were making those records and the process of multi-track recording, it just opened up this whole world to me. That was how my dad expressed himself.

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It was when I learned that the voice was really an instrument. It was such a brave thing for him to do that. That was a huge one for me. Nobody has more attitude in his vocals than David Bowie.

He was such a cool guy and I think that that is why he had such an impact on me, like it did on a lot of musicians. When you listen to that record, again, it broke every single rule that we felt was in place at the time.

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And then he makes this record that is so palatable and so pop, and again I love the fact that he made a choice. He had figured out, to me, how to tap into emotions. These multi-track vocals and harmonies and background vocals that would just swim all over the place, that was like orchestral arrangements in and of themselves. But musically, it was three guys that were so far advanced musically. Dressed in black leather and just represented everything that rock was!

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Who is James Michael dating? James Michael girlfriend, wife