Javascript For Ipad

Else, reveal the normal one. Anyway I just wanted to note that your casting the result of strpos to a boolean is a bad idea. None of these work, what I am doing wrong? Detect iPad users using jQuery? It's preferred to use actual feature-detection in most cases, which can be done through a library like Modernizr.

The main offender here is Facebook. The best practice use of strpos to check for the presence of a search term would in fact be. The regexp works great for single device detections. This is a regression to web-dev practices of the s. The usual way of installing the handler works e.

Thankfully I didn't need much clicking in the scroll area, so this wasn't a big deal. This event is only fired when the user is actively scrolling it is not fired during the deceleration phase of momentum scrolling.

Javascript for ipad

Essentially, if the site detects a mobile device, show the alternative viewer. If you have not spent a lot of time adjusting the options on your Settings menu, you will find that there are a number of things you can configure for your personal preferences. So what would you the above tests for? We use Miva Merchant as a part of our backend. Please see his answer for handling this scenario.

You may want to redirect iPad users to a different version of your website. Did you know that its not possible to copypaste you hillarious quotes when using An ipad to reading you site? The hottest device out there right now seems to be the iPad. Only thing it doesn't do is give a scroll event for the deceleration of the scroll Once the deceleration is complete you get a final scroll event, lost island game do as you will with it.

Javascript for ipad

Email Required, but never shown. Here's the details of my implementation. If you have moved your Settings icon to a different screen, you will need to navigate there instead.

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This is one example of how user agent sniffing is unreliable. Is there a method of detecting it, in base of support functions, so to not use the navigator user agent? Touch the Settings icon to open the menu. Most of the questions about settings and accounts that you might have had regarding your iPad are probably somewhere on this menu.

Javascript for ipad

Awesome post that I was looking for. Although the accepted solution is correct for iPhones, it will incorrectly declare both isiPhone and isiPad to be true for users visiting your site on their iPad from the Facebook app. Press the Home button at the bottom of your iPad to return to your home screen. How do we grade questions? Just wanted to share this, since it pertains to the topic.

Standard web and mobile web are completely different beasts. Tap Safari at the left side of the screen. But yes, they should have explained why they downvoted.

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Thank you very much for this page! Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Thank you for your interest in this question. It is bad practice to directly overwrite window. The only other gotcha was occasionally I would lose part of my page that I was trying to scroll to, and it would refuse to scroll.

Thanx it was exactly what I was lookin for. Simple css tweaks may not be enough.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? You may want to implement different styles to your standard website if your user is surfing on an iPad.

Javascript for ipad

What I wanna do is to display a certain element a div if the user is on his computer, but display another one instead if he is on his iPad. Any help would be greatly appreciated. That could create some odd behavior! Also nice site and article on iPad site dev Garmahis.

It does exists yet in some use cases like using Cordova. The post was very popular and why would it be? Particularly enjoyed the link to page flipping versus scrolling.

Adding an event listener would be better. Discussion Carlos cardona. You have to use myScroller to get the current position now, instead of looking at the scroll offset.