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She went by the name Kandi Barbour all through Jr. Not just because it was Kandi, but for anyone to pass like that. Alan and Kandi get back together and Judith throws Kandi out for sleeping with her ex-husband in their hot tub. Kandi and Alan start a relationship together. Kandi is loved by a lot of men because of her looks, dating with the stars particularly her large breasts.

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Kandi moves in with Alan at the end of an episode in season three. She called other band members to discuss starting a show of their own. She returns because Charlie hasn't been returning her calls because of his new relationship with Mia. Judith's fiancee Herb Melnick starts developing a crush for Kandi. Kandi throws Alan out and files for divorce for unknown reasons.

They bond over being shocked that Alan turned her down as well as admitting that he isn't very good in bed. Alan doesn't want to show off Kandi because he worried about what people will think of her.

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She remarked him not wanting her made her want him more before she stated he should just sleep with her as he remarked that her explanation made sense which scared him. And also for the mst amaizing puffies of all time. The three began singing together and recruited a fourth member, Tamera Coggins, though her time with the group was short-lived. She goes over to Lyndsey's house and explains that nothing happened between her and Alan. Kandi throws Alan out of her condo and is never seen or mentioned again other than Alan saying he's been married twice.

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Kandi was renamed in future episodes as Kandi. Alan starts paying all of Kandi's bills and accessories.

It was a critical and commercial success, certified platinum within a year, and launched two top ten singles. Sometime during her pregnancy with son Ace, a rift was shown between Phaedra and Kandi, eventually souring due to unpaid production fees that Parks owed Tucker. Kandi and Alan are the best man and maid of honor at Charlie and Mia's wedding.

She and Charlie Harper were having a fling at the time. But Alan turns her down due to his loyalty to Lyndsey.

Unlike Alan's divorce with Judith, Kandi and Alan would still become friends afterwards and were happy when they saw each other again. Four months later in season four, Alan and Kandi buy a condo after Alan wins half a million dollars. The three-part special premiered after the conclusion of the seventh season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. History Kandi is first introduced in season three as a dimwitted twenty-two year old named Kimber. There was never a mother as long as I knew her.

Kandi's divorced mother Mandi starts sleeping with Charlie while Kandi's father Andy starts sleeping with Judith. Alan's ex-wife's new husband Herb Melnick couldn't believe Alan was married to her. Judith gives Kandi her former divorce lawyer and Kandi gets to keep everything and will be receiving alimony from Alan.

After Charlie and Mia call off the wedding, Kandi and Alan marry instead. Kandi plays the piano and sings off key, even singing the wrong lyrics in Christmas songs.

Burrus received the second spin-off from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She lived down the street from me with her alcoholic father. Always reember her as being the first true beauty in the business. However, when her father appears, they seem to have a great relationship. After for unknown reasons Kandi had sex with Lyndsey, they both agree while in bed that Alan can never know about their hook-up.

The album eventually went platinum. Kandi confronts Alan about it and he tells her that she will find someone out there who loves and cares for her. Kandi seems to have daddy issues since she always sleeps with older men. Alan gives Kandi a job as his assistant. Kandi and Judith return home intoxicated where Kandi dumps Alan and moves in with Judith.

Kandi Burruss Dating History

Later on, Kandi invites him over after pretending to be depress but he again turns her down. It seems that even though Alan and Kandi are divorcing, they have become friends with benefits. What a terrible end to a fine vision of the Golden Era, I always loved Kandi on screen.