Maxillary sinus boundaries in dating

Maxillary sinus boundaries in dating

Is situated in the anterior skull

This sinus is related to several important vital structures. It is present more towards the roof of the sinus cavity than its base. Is situated in the anterior skull base.

The sphnoid sinuses vary in size and may be asymmetric. It is though this canine fossa area that maxillay antrum is entered during Caldwell Luc surgery. Enlargement of these cells can impede the maxillary sinus drainage. Pituitary gland lies above the sphenoid sinus.

It is just separated from the floor of the sinus by a thin lamella of bone. The two maxillary sinuses are located below the cheeks, above the teeth and on the sides of the nose. The maxillary sinus has a pyramidal shape, with its base directed medially against the nasal cavity and the apex pointing posterolaterally. This lamella may be dehiscent commonly.

Accumulation of mucoid secretions cause enlargement of frontal sinus. It is traversed by infraorbital nerves and vessels. Obstruction to the frontal sinus drainage by the presence of a lage agger nasi cell may cause secretions within the frontal sinus to be dammed inside. Posteriorly with the pterygopalatine fossa. The nerve of pterygoid canal lie in the floor of the sinus.

This sinus is related to severalIt is present more towards the

The base of the pyramid corresponds to the lateral nasal wall. Among the para nasal sinuses this sinus shows the maximum variations. Haller cells are ethmoidal air cells belonging to the anterior ethmoidal group. The anterior ethmoidal cells drain into the infundibulum of the middle meatus while the posterior ethmoid cells drain into the superior meatus.