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You can click one of those tabs at any time to switch between the interfaces. Companies or teams can create products or websites faster which allows better results through lean processes. Check the Loop option to make the video to repeat. Panels and pop-ups are elements that can be added to the page.

Change the Position from Absolute to Fixed from the tool bar. Click the arrow button next to the color wheel in the tool bar. Builds the project after removing duplicated headers and footers, and including the code entered in developer mode. By clicking on the link icon in the edit tools of the text widget, you can create links for certain parts of the text. Manage eBooks more efficiently with management Tool.

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At one point it always loaded a black page by default no matter what I did. Click on the two color wheels to select the starting color and finishing color of the gradient. Add a text or cell widget onto a Header. Select the widget of which to summon the panel.

First, add a panel to the Panel group of the page Structure bottom, then connect the panel to the object of your choice using the Link menu. It only applies when the according thickness is included in the font. Select the relevant panel from the Panel list on the right. Summary This would be a really dynamic application used by a lot more people if they didn't have such terrible support. Build then scroll and check to make sure that the header is fixed on the top.

Why Namo Author

With all the interactive features, hands-on tools and easy-to-learn steps, it is simple to create any e-Publication using Namo Author. Namo Author gives you complete creative freedom to bring your vision to life with easy and interactive tools. Those working in teams on large sites can opt to purchase Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Namo integrates tidily with it. But if you won't be working on your site with teams, ghazal poetry mp3 WebEditor is as good as it gets for the price. Please contact us at onesupport namowebeditor.

What do you need to know about free software? Double-check the font tab. You can link your site to social networking sites like Twitter to interact with your friends and customers. Drag the widget while pressing the Alt key at the same time to copy.

Add the Video clip widget on the Complex widget list onto the canvas. They are missing the boat. Pros The single most important feature to me is its ease of use. And you can easily customize the templates in the Site Wizard later, by editing the color schemes, adding your own photos or animation, and rearranging elements.

Click the Create button that activates after finishing initialize to upload the web page to the server. If you wish to enter different meta data for each page, select a page and enter the according data in the Property menu for it to apply only to that particular page.

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Add a Vimeo or YouTube widget or video clip widget on the section. Incorporate interactive videos and photos to let your readers have an immersive storytelling experience. Set the target as the Pop-up. Use our Site Library Panel to quickly access common site elements such as hyperlinks, images, music. Sounds great, but lacks vision.

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Tools are straight forward simple and functions are easy to use. Click the Build button in the shape of a Play button on the top left side of the screen to create the file to be uploaded.

Style How do I add an image in the background? Click Compositions next to Pages at the lower left side of the screen. The Preference settings will be saved on your computer. After thorough investigation and multiple attempts to repair as they had suggested it still kept crashing.

The serial number for Namo is availableHot Products

You can play a video in the background using the video widget. Contact For queries related to product purchase or questions about product functionality, please contact our technical team using Support page. Summary Software seems to be irreplacable!

If you have a problem you are on your own. Click the receiver tab of the event window. Facebook Like Button Tweet share Button. Select a pop-over colr or enter the color code.

Most of the other apps have a similar display. This would be a really dynamic application used by a lot more people if they didn't have such terrible support. The basic size is set at px.

Digital magazines have never been so easy and fun to create. You can either drag and drop the widget icon to the screen from the widget list, or click the widget icon and click and drag to the screen to add new elements.

When you enter characters to the Alternative Text in the Property tab, it will show as an alt text. Cons Support is non-existent. They are completely indifferent and really have no interest in solving any problems you may have with the program.

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Enter text into the Alternative Text. Select from one of our templates and simply upload your photos, personalize the look and feel, and compile them in one beautiful album. You can change setttings such as adding messages and url at the widget Property menu. Builds the project in a WordPress type, and saves the theme zip file together. Share your information directly through Social Networking and Blogs.