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For Firefox and Chrome only. Can simulate thousands of users working with multiple protocols and computing environments. Focus is not on implementing one particular benchmark but on providing a robust, high-performance, extensible tool. Device planner tool to help prioritize device choices.

Can integrate with Maven, Gradle or Ant to run tests as part of continuous integration. Run tests on both the Simulator and Device.

Compatibility with mobile applications. The tool is useful in scenarios where the requests have high response times. This is important because there is no word boundary to be matched between two nonword characters, such as the opening parenthesis and a preceding space character.

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Sanitize a String

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Can be used for Web accessibility testing. Advanced user journey modeling, scalable load, system resources monitors and results analysis.

Character classes allow you to match any one out of a set of characters. Note that the first word boundary token appears after the optional, opening parenthesis. Can be used for accessibility testing.

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Actions can be gestures, assertions, screen shots. Gatling - Open source stress-testing tool developed in Scala. Has not been updated for many years. Differences are detected between a baseline and regression run screenshots, and are visually highlighted on screen. Automatically-scheduled reporting by e-mail.

LoadView - Cloud-based, fully-managed performance testing tool from Dotcom-Monitor. The failed screenshot will also be highlighted in the gallery. Traffic can be saved and loaded from files. Container-based infrastructure enables scaling local tests with your own frameworks in the TestDroid device cloud. Web, app, or hybrid testing.

Perform side by side functional and real-user condition testing across thousands of devices. Using the innovative recorder, tests can be created in minutes. Requires only an upload of your app.

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Capabilities include handling of Ajax. Enables testing a web server with a configurable number of concurrent simulated users. It is primarily a tool for checking foreground and background colour combinations to determine if they provide good colour visibility. Includes a built in Inspector to simplify test case development.

Automatically analyzes every transition in your app's user experience for performance issues and provides pictures and timing information for all areas of app. Appium is a server written in Node. Distributed under Gnu General Public License.

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Record user scenarios using Chrome extension or proxy recorder. Mobile nodes are a globally distributed set of computers connected to wireless carrier networks via attached wireless modems and provide a realistic measure of the mobile Web experience. It excludes Mexico and the Central American nations. Shows in real time what people with common color vision impairments will see. Render with Chrome Headless, dating websites tall women Phantom and Slimer.

SeeTestMobile incorporates image recognition and self-learning algorithms. Can be used on both emulators as well as real devices and covers visual testing, functionality testing and speed performance. Orchestrate activities of a test script in many processes across many machines, using a graphical console application. Reports include metrics showing which devices were tested, which testers used the app for how long, which language was tested, etc.

Includes ios-driver Inspector to examine native app elements, similar to Firebug. Even if you haven't written any test code for your app, Test Lab can exercise your app automatically, looking for crashes. Provides several authentication mechanisms.

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Both are followed by a question mark, which makes them optional. Test on demand or automate testing throughout development lifecycles.

Definition and Usage

Developed based on fiber, a user-level thread implementation in Java. Use as a standalone global app, a standalone local npm script or import into your node app.

Locust - Scalable user load testing tool written in Python. Since a question mark is used after each separator, the phone number digits are allowed to run together. Can be used on emulators and real devices and can be integrated as a node into the Selenium Grid for scaling and parallel testing. Integrated resource monitoring for most of the popular web, app and db servers. Free and paid versions available.

Remote control of any device in realtime, using your mouse and keyboard, or even via smartphone. The validation is done on your local machine inside Firefox and Mozilla. True performance test, not just a ping test. Integrated with Android Studio, the Firebase console, and the gcloud command line. Provides a unified view of mobile and Web performance and availability.