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Refrigerator dating expert advice

She obviously cares about nutrition not just for her, but for those she has over to nosh. And as women are well aware, fixer projects can be fun.

Here are a few submission highlights. If you accept Mission Possible, get him started on drinking brown liquors, or at the very least, Gin.

The only thing that resembles salad dressing is clearly cream-based. Also, check that well-appointed bar, Macallan included. But I hate to think the only thing that ever that got laid in this kitchen was the tile. Debbie clearly never got the memo. We all need organization in our lives.

So I felt it was my duty to share this revelation with the dating public. Now, even though I have my concerns with Camp Canoodle, there is stuff I dig about them. Of course, we try to bang the ones we marry too, but there are ones we know will be just sex, and ones we see having girlfriend potential. Now, in addition their rote of sex, I'm concerned about their frequency. Weekend breakfast-in-bed is a great romance move and can pave the perfect path to Saucy Town.

And when that goes, the differentiation between spouse and friend goes with it. Well, refrigerator dating expert, John Stonehill, breaks it down for you. They're orderly and predictable. Bottom line, her fridge is utter chaos, just like her life.

And when that goes theWell refrigerator dating expert John Stonehill

What Your Fridge Says About Your Sex Life

With the eggs and gourmet preserves, they have a varsity lineup. They invented skim, like years ago.

They're orderly and predictable

Like Brian in the Breakfast Club, all the food groups are represented. Cause Americans or at least their American born parents heard the Chiquita Banana song to never put your bananas in the refrigerator or they spoil, blow up or some shit like that.