Sai Amritvani

Whenever Sai's thoughts rise, waves of love ripple in my heart. Sai naam sudha ras saagar, Sai naam gnyaan gun aagar. Maajhaa nija dravya thevaa Thava charanaraja sevaa Maagane hechi aathaa. Japa tapa teertha gnyaan dhyaan, sab mil naahin Sai samaan.

You should chant and inspire others to chant, Sing the song of Sai together with everyone. But for you, whom else do I have - This entire world is an illusion. Sai naam jyothi kalash, hey jag ka aadhaar. Awakens vital force lying asleep, Takes it to the higher chakras within.

For years and years, there is the company of Sai - Sai's devotees are never left alone. Believe in the miraculous! Mantramay hi maaniye, Sai Ram bhaghvaan.

Tujhi Majhi Jodi Jamli

Mujhse Dosti Karoge

Please drive away the sorrow of the bereaved. Baahar bharam bhoolei sansaar, dark courier font andar preetam Sai apaar.

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Whenever thoughts of Sai arise, it is so thrilling Hair-raising. Oh Sai Baba, we wave lights before You, the bestower of happiness to the Jivas. For everyone, your are the one who gives everything and who brings about or bestows everything.

Good Activities in the Name of Sai. Please accept my Salutations, oh Shirdi's Administrator. Sai naam japiye sukh daataa, sachchaa saathee jo hithkar traataa.

Vehicle of truth, bestower of bliss, Unique descent is Grace of Sai. Jab jab dhyaan Sai ka aave, roma roma pulakit ho jaave. Pal pal uthe Sai tarang, chade naam ka gudhaa rang.

Sai Amritvani

Dhanya dhanya Shri Sai ujaagar, dhanya dhanya karunaa ke saagar. Sai exists in everything, Sai exists with everything. Men of nobility and rectitude moral uprightness please Sai through devotional and soulful hymns sung in His glory.

Your intelligence will be tainted with a unique tint - your consciousness will realize the beautiful form of Sai. Sai rang rage Sai preet jage, Sai charano par jo maathaa dhare.

Namo Namo Sai avinaashi, Namo Namo ghat-ghat ke vaasi. Sai simaran hove sahaayi, Sai simaran hei sukhadaayi.

With our head at Your feet, with obedience and devotion. Identify Baba within your heart - Realize that He is the doer and the cause of causes. Sai pitaa Sai hi maataa, Sai bandhu Sai hi bhraataa. Kaanon se yash Sai ka suniyen, Sai dhaam ka maarg chuniye. Sai Kripa bharpoor mein paavun, parama prabhu ko bheetar laavun.

Please fulfill all the wishes, of those. In each and every strand of hair, Sai exists - You should pervade everywhere. Namo namo hey Sai prabhu, tum ho jag ke naath. The notes of name vibrates wherever, All woes and ills disappear therever. Hearing your call, Sai never delays responding.

Jaluniya ananga Svasvarupi rahe danga Mumukshu janaam daavi. Jholi Sai naam se bhariye, sanchith Sai naam dhan kariye. Sai is father, Sai is Mother, Sai is relative and Sai is brother. What would have been my condition in this world Did I ever have a standing in this world? Forget the outward world, outward illusion and fill your inward self.

Salutations to you, Oh, Ruler of the Universe. When the sorrow and miseries are overwhelming - when hatred, enemity, obstacles keep growing. Chal kapat aur khaate hein, theen narak ke dwaar. Wherever you arrive in this universe and leave, Think about Sai and Sing His glory. Sai naam mantra jap jaap, Sai naam mete trayi taap.

Satya Dharma is the true dharma as laid down in the Sastra-s, namely the nivRtti dharma that is practiced by pious men without any expectation of benefit. He is the director of this drama, Whatever you see is just an illusion Maya.