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Study Material for SAP Business Objects Solutions

Read your post which is really useful. If you wish to appear latest version, it is up to your own interest.

Practice number of questions during this period. This is probably the most insightful, in dept, thorough, and very helpful information I have ever read in regards to the certification process.

However, the thing you are missing us configuration skills. Nothing is easy unless we break the comfort zone. Hi Ravi Sankar, I would like to get some details from you. Hello Ravi, A question on the certification process. You may get the syllabus details at.

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Unfortunately, you do not have privilege to leave some chapters and go for the examination. Can i enroll myself for this course here.

SAP BI/BW Tutorial Training for BeginnersSAP BW/BI Certification study material - SAP Q&A

Please see if you could borrow the materials from your friends. It is a very informative post. Get the latest news and trends from experts.

Can you guide me and provide me some inputs it would be of great help in shaping my career. At the end of the each chapter, there used to be exercises, but do not worry if you are not able to complete them.

Can i do it in other country say thailand or singapore? Then read the underlying text in conjunction with those pictures. Hi Ravi, Read your post which is really useful. Hope this helps you with your preparation. Do not read too much the whole night, it may not help, moreover, you may be sleepy in the examination.

SAP BI/BW Tutorial Training for Beginners

But wanted to enhance my career to next level. Wishing you good luck for your attempt. You can note down the marks obtained chapter wise on a plain paper. They are not intended to make you master or test your hands on exercises. Finance Bring together financial processes with automated, real-time analytics, and translate them into forward-looking business insight across the entire organization.

Hi Ravi, Nice living blog and thank you for coming back to answer questions from the community. Is this sufficient or do I need to join training courses?

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Ensure that you reach half an hour in advance to the examination time. Looking for helpful suggestions. Find oil and gas software tailored to your needs.


If I can do it by self study, antivirus for android mobile full version could you please advise the way forward and how to get the study material and how to prepare etc. Do i need to go for any particular training institutes or do a self study by referring to various materials? But don not know how to and what to study. Please note these Certification books are copyrighted materials not available for free.

Since, you are in Canada, training is not mandatory. Some of the Certifications really test your ability and conceptual knowledge.

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Learn about predictive and prescriptive analytics and how it can help you optimize processes and enhance operational engineering in the oil and gas sector. Is it possible for me and where do I begin with.

Browse our Web shop to discover the latest course availability, find training locations nearest you, search course codes, or focus on a specific training path. They may be able to advise you. Reach software training goals faster with help from experts who assess your educational needs, create a strategic training plan, and provide direct assistance. Just you have to book an appointment. Would you be able to guide me in this.