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If there is a change in pitching, draw a horizontal line between the last batter of the old pitcher and the first one of the new pitcher. Help answer questions Learn more. Multiple players may be running the bases, so you may be updating multiple squares at a time. When you are out of players of that gender, continue down the page with the the other gender.

This may include, but is not limited to, the teams playing, the lineup, the umpires, the field, the start time, and the coaches. When someone is up to bat, take note of what they hit for each pitch on your scorecard. It also does not affect the player's On Base Percentage. Also write the new pitcher's name in the box on the bottom. After a fly ball is caught, other runners have the option of running to the next base.

In this case, the batter hit a line drive to the second baseman, who caught it in the air for the first out. Abbreviate this by listing the position numbers of the opposing players. If there is a substitution in the middle of the game, where one batter takes the place of another, write the new batter's name in the row underneath the replaced batter's name. Keeping score for your softball league has never been easier with our printable softball score sheet. Download this form today for your softball game in Excel format.

It's quick, easy, and accurately keeps track of offensive stats, runs scored and outs made. The runners on first and second base were not expecting the catch, and started running as soon as the ball was hit. They also usually have reminders of how to score common events during a game, as well as the player numbering system.

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Besides, other information, such as team, referee and date should also be wrote down on your score sheet. You will also want to draw a vertical line on the scoresheet to indicate where the change occurred. Which one you use is entirely up to you. It is important to remember that the number corresponds to the player, not the position. In this case, the batter hit the ball to first baseman, who either tagged the batter out, or beat the runner to tag first base.

Sometimes the batter will hit the ball to someone on the ground, and they will get the batter out without throwing the ball to anyone. The end of the inning is not shown. Also fill in the innings box in the space on the right.

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How to Edit Softball Score Sheet. There are many parts to juggle and abbreviations to learn when scoring softball games, though once you know the structure, maqbool mp3 songs scoring in softball will be second nature!

In either case, show the batter making it safely to first base. They are earned by the batter when a runner scores as a result of their at bat. In this case, the batter is automatically out.

Player names are written in the Batter column, in the order that they will be batting. These can be judgment calls. If a player reaches a base, draw a line to connect that base.

It is important, however, to know who scored and who made out. This is a common notation for a Douple Play e.

When giving the count, balls will always come before strikes. This will make sure you enter the correct stats for the correct batter after the game. This guide is written for slow-pitch softball leagues, so stealing bases, getting hit by pitches, and other events are not discussed.

First to list the jersey number is more common, then list the name of players, then followed the player's location number. Write the total number of outs in the inning in the lower left corner, and circle this number. As a scorer, you get to decide if the batter was ever in danger of being thrown out.

Record this by writing the position number of player who caught the ball. Mark each batter's ball and batting in the specified grid.

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Softball lineup cards are used most often by coaches in softball leagues to create the player lineup for their team. If they don't like the method you are using, or your scoring decisions, then offer to let them do it. You can either purchase a notebook with scorecards from sports stores, or you can print off scoring sheets from the internet at home.

If the pitcher is hitting, you can include them in your lineup. To record outs, you write down which position made the out. Score a Sacrifice Fly if a run scores as a direct result of the batter's caught fly ball. There are other positions that also accept abbreviations. Your email address will not be published.

Some people use different slashes and X's to indicate whether the batter swung or made contact, while others use numbers to indicate in what order the pitches were thrown. If you really want to keep stats, my advice is to be honest and show the tough love. More on scorekeeping integrity below. It does however adversely affect the player's On Base Percentage.

Keep score of your softball game using a scorecard. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You will go around the diamond just like the players are doing. Write down the jersey number and abbreviated position of each player.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. The throw came from left field to the shortstop, who then threw to the third baseman for the out. Fill out the scorecard with the necessary circumstances of the game.

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