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Yet the sudden demand for episodes did force Parker and Stone into a rethink, since physical cut-out stop motion is crushingly time-consuming and could not be sustained for a full season. On the back of the success, Parker and Stone were commissioned to develop some episodes for Comedy Central. Scott Tenorman Must Die This is the moment that Eric Cartman turned into a bona-fide sociopath, and one of the most evil characters on television. Nothing in politics, race relations or religion is off limits. Throughout the show, there have never been sacred cows.

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Intent on gaining revenge on Scott Tenorman after being tricked into thinking you can reach puberty by buying pubic hair, Eric Cartman tricks Scott into eating his parents in a chilli. Then came Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny.

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Go to hell, South Park

Jesus vs Santa went around the studio like wildfire. Soon after we see a rabbit being dismembered, an orgy in his remains and an abortion on Kyle by three lion cubs. Now get back in the kitchen and make me some pie.

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Dude, this is some pretty fucked up shit right here. Comedy Central barred them from doing so, and a title card outlining their refusal was shown instead. The first season went on to win numerous accolades, including five Primetime Emmy awards and a Peabody award. It's, unsuprisingly, vomit inducing.

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Make Love Not Warcraft While South Park has had no problem creating entire episodes that can offend in a number of layered ways, it can also leave viewers aghast in a single moment. Cartoon Wars This two-part episode was actually one of numerous occasions that South Park had threatened to depict the prophet Mohammed on screen. It meant South Park could be highly topical, which was another thing that made the show unique. The scripts work on a number of levels, and Parker and Stone still have a hands-on approach to the show, outlander series stars dating so their voices are still heard.

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This meant they could do an episode in three weeks, and later they streamlined the process down to a one-week turnaround. Christmas is for celebrating my birthday. We were mostly animating life-like characters, striving for photorealism within the limitations of the software of the time. With other animations commissioned months in advance of transmission, this was unheard of.

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