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It's no coincidence, by the way, that the disco beat of beats per minute coincides the heartbeat of your heart when you're excited. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. The music video for the song is of a completely different concept from Saturday Night Fever. Nonetheless, it changed a lot of things.

Karl spliced the tape and jury rigged it so that it was going over a mic stand and around a plastic reel. British Phonographic Industry. While today's musicians know how to get a good groove with the click, back then, if you used a click track you rarely got a good feel. Everybody struggles against the world, fighting all the bullshit and things that can drag you down.

The All-Time Greatest Hits. Everyone knows that it's more about feel than accuracy in drum tracks.

Barry and I listened carefully to find a bar that felt really good. If I had been working for a technology company then and knew what I was doing, I would have tried to patent the idea. Tales Of The Brothers Gibb.

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This article is about the Bee Gees song. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Rather than change the name of the former song to match the film, Stigwood expanded the name of the film to encompass the title of the latter song. In the process, it became one of the band's most recognisable tunes, in part because of its place at the beginning of Saturday Night Fever.


We do not have any tags for Stayin Alive lyrics. Stayin Alive is found on the album Tales from the Brothers Gibb. Stayin Alive song meanings.

Select Silver in the Certification field. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Bundesverband Musikindustrie.

Bee Gees - Stayin Alive LyricsStayin Alive - Bee Gees

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This section needs additional citations for verification. The single was eventually released in mid-December, a month after the album, and moved to the top of the Billboard Hot in the United States in February, where it would stay for four weeks.

Library and Archives Canada. As with many other artists during the s, the Bee Gees recorded a majority of the soundtrack in France for tax reasons. The minute you capture that on record, it's gold.

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Stayin Alive

The original three music videos for the movie Saturday Night Fever were shot on the soundstages and edited at the facilities of Video City, Inc. The loop crossed the boundary giving us music that was in time with a good feel. Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

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Over the years, the brothers have had mixed feelings about the song. Select Gold in the Certification field. Personally, I feel like The New York Times is an outward manifestation of our society's collective consciousness. The band co-produced the song with Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson.

Melody Saturday Night Fever. At first, we were doing it just as a temporary measure. These original music videos were scrapped and re-shot in California after Barry grew back his beard.

That first loop was a watershed event in our life and times. Recording Industry Association of America. Not a good explination, but it was just to mess with my freinds idiotic interpetation. This set featured buildings and a train station, among others.

Stayin Alive

The executive producer of the Saturday Night Fever motion picture soundtrack and future Bee Gees manager Robert Stigwood asked the band to write a few songs for the soundtrack. This accounts for the unchanging rhythm throughout the song. The way the Bee Gees deliver the line and indeed the whole song in perfect harmony and gender-neutral falsetto seems to support this analysis. Anything that you see in its pages is taken as truth, the gate 1987 full movie just as you can fall in love at first glance on a dance floor. And it really is a victory just to survive.