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Henry Stickman

Will your stickman survive this epic duel? Save Private Stickman in this epic stickman war!

Do amazing trampoline tricks without getting hurt! Shoot all the enemies and make your way through each level!

As a super-soldier named Roy, it's your job to save the hueman race from the blackness of the Void! Blast the shapes as they come towards you at the beat of the song. Use a massive automatically rifle to blast your way into the police force. Battle Alaskan Adversaries through the land of ice and snow. Build up your defenses to fight off the madness men!

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The minions are ready for an epic shoot out adventure! Hungry frog is ready for some delicious meals! Defend your kingdom in this awesome tower defense adventure. Help him get pass all the obstacles, by using nothing but his balloons!

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Dodge their fire and them as they fly towards you. Help him in defeating enemies! Kill to get all the weapons, and become the strongest stick fighter alive!

It's time to catch them all and become the biggest pokemon master of all. Run and jump your way through more danger infested platforming action! Especially in this office!

Fish for the biggest and most rare fish in the ocean, and catch some small ones while reeling in! The arctic can be a dangerous place. Sharpen your blade and grab your tools- this Robot Blade is ready to join your team! Slay all the slimes and become the best Slime Slayer in this arcade Slaying game!

Fleeing the Complex is one of the latest, coolest and best point and click adventure stick-man games ever created. An infamous gang has taken over an abandoned warehouse and turned it into a fortress.

His sexy girlfriend Shorty will protect his rear as she snipes away his enemies. Snipers are one of the most important parts of any military team. The line of lemmings keep coming, and only you can stop their onslaught!

The city is under attack by angry mobs of zombies. Watch in gory satisfaction as their body parts fly off in bloody chunks! They keep getting lost, and need your help to clear the path so they can find each other again. Epic Battle will have you face off against menacing foes that will use amazing martial arts and fighting techniques, but you must prove that you're stronger! Run as fast as you can, away from the evil toy robot!

Jump in and hang on tight! It is time for the pokemon to compete with each others again using their own ability and skill. The worlds not so black and white when its covered in blood. This is a classic story as old as time but this time with guns. This mighty mouse is about to take his new race car out for a spin.

Swing your stickman and get ready to dodge the lasers! But if you're not thrown into a stick killing frenzy, come back next week for some New Games to hooked for years! The biggest, challenging, daniel padilla songs and addictive stick figure games ever made!

Stickman Games - Play Stickman Games on Free Online Games

Demons Down Under Hot Game. Jump in your shopping cart and get ready for a stunt filled, high flying ride straight downhill and into the sky! The zombies have turned their sights on your trailer park! Let's take a Galactic Run, save the galaxy! This one must have been a very bad stick man.

Get better cars as you progress through levels! Blast your way to victory! Combat Tournament Hot Game. Be sure to avoid astroids and collect as many stars as possible.

Save your doodle bridge from doodle enemies! It's time to collect sushi- and feed the hungry sumo! Have you ever wondered how it is to be a monster truck driver for a day? Join the rank of Elite Snipers by mastering micro puzzles, timing, and aiming in an huge sniper world. Where do you go when the temperature goes up?

There is a lot more to this seemingly average Joe than what meets the eye. Try to hit the bulls eye before you get an arrow in your own eye. Can a Dwarf jump his way into the sky?

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Your mission, if you should choose to accept it is too infiltrate the floating airship and destroy the inhabitants! Dress him up, give him a name and give him lots of love! Play as both the small and the big dino to collect meat and make your way through the levels! Bash everything on your way!

You can start by pumping a few bullets into these soda cans. Doodle brigade to the rescue! Will you reach each one of the checkpoints in this epic action game? This sports game is totally bonkers!

Eliminate your adversaries with your bow before they drive an arrow right through your head! Fart with them to fly and complete levels! Super Hero Squad to the rescue!

Use your puzzle solving skills to battle villains like man eating plants and Aztek Mystics. Create your own post apocalyptic adventure in this role playing game! You are the biggest blender in the land, ready to blend stick men! Electricman is ready for battle!

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