If you're going to have her stay, then have her stay and leave all the last minute angst out! Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. So much unrealized potential. Uhm, no way Ha Ri was a friend.

Furthermore, Shi-kyung and Ha-ni get more occasions to bond when he recognizes her talents in identifying tastes and describing food all that eating sure helps! But I hope they develop more girlfriendship that are strong and heartachingly relatable in the future too. Maybe our consolation prize is in hearing him recognize that through Ha-ni, he rediscovered his lost smile.

  • Shame takes a backseat to efficacy, because the job offer is paramount.
  • It never claimed to be serious, was down right hilarious and had surprising moments that were poignant and emotional.
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  • Then he takes the loss with a tearful smile and wishes her well like a totally upstanding dude, and it hurts even more.

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Hyun-myung is cute and swoon-worthy in his meager screentime with Mermaid. The trouble is that in the meantime an inordinate amount of time is spent on build-ups and deliveries to plot points I honestly don't really care about. Since this show was popular online in China, there may be negotiations underway for some type of web-only second season. Jo Boa did a great job with this show. It would've made more sense with Song Jae Rim's character though, since they were closer to romantic feelings.

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It's a common sight to see people reading episodes of their favorite series on their daily commute and there are many reasons why. While in Teongyeong she meets her twin sister Lee Eun-Bi for the first time. Both of these shows were pretty fantastical takes on slice of life type themes, but the friendships, they were real. They all seemed like fully fleshed out characters in their own right.

She should not have been rewarded. So often Frenemies are male, but I can't think of many female ones. And because this is dramaland where hair means so much, one forth we only need to look as far as his increasingly relaxed hairstyles to see where he is in his emotional growth.

And loved the individual sound effect for each cast appearance. Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. Hyun-myung is a sweet guy with a good heart, but his continued unemployment casts him in a loser light, and finally his girlfriend has enough and dumps him. The drama also never revolves an essential mystery revolving Ha-ni's character- why she isn't more careful about water. This article is about the Korean television series.

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Haha, similar thought with Bok Joo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dae Jang Geum and Yeon Saeng had one of the most beautiful friendships.

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Fantasy rom-com cable drama Surplus Princess just wrapped up its ten-episode run a few days ago, and I found myself quite looking forward to the finale. You'll still be missed, Surplus Princess. The housemates, who are unemployed and broke, acknowledge their lowly standing in society and refer to themselves self-deprecatingly as surplus humans. Aileen is the eighteenth born princess from an underwater empire and she had fallen for Si-kyeong Song Jae-rim when she decided to become a human.

Kind of the entire point of having a television romantic comedy is that we actually get to see this stuff unfold. Audible Download Audio Books. As for the drama itself, it was such an easy watch that you can enjoy an episode without even knowing what's going on because of all the antics and meta.

Kim Seul-gie

Learn more More Like This. Of course, madurai that did make it even harder on my heart when she made her choice. Instead we got tbh a kind of selfish f- you ending which isn't fair to the few loyal viewers the show had.

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They were the cutest and most loyal friends. Another shoutout for Protect the Boss. Seulgi needs her own drama!

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Then negotiated her way back does the Grim Reaper accept pearls? Of course their lives apart were so rich as well. Loved this show's humour, for sure! And now that it's over, dating you're spared of the weekly torture-fest of ambiguous trailers from tvN.

Like urgh And can i just say how much i love d Big? Age of Youth excellent slice of life drama. Shi-kyung, on the other hand, is the man of fantasy. There was always something motherly in the way the madam treated her newest charge, which only complicated and underscored their already strange relationship. It was a surprise hit for me and my sisters.

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Maybe not the best explanation but it is plausible. Agree, that friendship was really inspiring for me. So bad it got cut, I think it had a lot of potential. Yoo sueng ho formerly known as Mrs. One is that it sucks and answers nothing and in fact contradicts the drama itself.

Why does Yoon Jin-Ah get a happy ending? You feel a similar pang when his thrill over being interviewed gets trampled by his interviewers, who say condescendingly that he should just stick to art. Because the producers chickened out from telling it and cut the episodes down when the ratings weren't going well.

One of my personal favorites is the trio from Protect the Boss - mainly for the cliche-busting inclusion of the pampered, spoiled rival. They showed us that Hyun Myeong was developing a crush on Ha Ni, but they did not show us that his feelings were in any way reciprocated. Dal Ja's Spring stays so firmly on my radar at all times, even though it is quite old! This goes down especially bad because even in the same episode those very same issues of self-worth come up again as more progress is made on the permanent employment front. When they announced the episode cut, though, I thought that that might change, though, because I felt that for most of the show Ha-ni had a one-track-mind where he was concerned.

It was a quite some bonding experience between Ha Ni and Hyun Myung. There's nothing particularly awful about this episode, cs go matchmaking calculator it's just that everything is very explicitly rushed. They are just so adorably cute together.

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  1. She is such a sweetheart and kind but strong in this drama.
  2. Open Thread Open Thread by mary.
  3. So close, but so far away.
  4. Another super friendship that evolved and grew and I cried out loud in this drama.
  5. Oh, and of course the namja ramyun parody.

Seriously their decision was beyond inconsiterate to everyone involved in this drama and especially the fans. It also puts the meokbang element front and center, using it in outright parody and as running motif. The picture of them show Nam Joo-hyuk holding Kim Seul-gi with a more serious atmosphere unlike his usual self. It's also a more recent development to tell different kinds of stories beyond romance and melodrama, so maybe that helped? Why i disliked the last ep was because it felt so rushed.

The Idle Mermaid
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