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Simply agree with the break up, or ask for some time alone, and walk away. Try to anticipate any questions or remarks he or she may make. Clean yourself up, buy a new outfit, get a gym membership or a day at the spa to kick start your new bachelor or bachelorette life.

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Confirm that you agree with the break up. And you want to piece it back together again. If you disagree with anything that he or she says, change the topic rather than argue.

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Your goal in all of this is to win your ex back. If your ex accepts, great. Do not contact with them whatsoever for any reason for at least two weeks. Fight these natural feelings of desperation. The more creative ones may send an email.

Anyone can send a text message. There is just something about seeing handwriting in a letter that can bring back a flood of memories and emotions. Also mirror his or her speech, too.

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You know the buttons he or she may try to push with you. It is far more personal almost chivalrous than a text and an email.

Just write something simple and non-accusing. Write a short, handwritten letter to your ex This is where you can make up for acting like a needy nerd at the beginning of the break up.

Neither is it the time to bring up all of your mistakes in the past, and vice versa. Be the person he or she fell in love with.