Teen top chunji dating

Teen top chunji dating

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Happy things, sad things, all sorts. We will pick up from where our previous article left off, after the Instagram follows, matching ankle bracelet and eyewitness accounts. Since the revelation of their couple bracelet, the alleged girlfriend had blurred out the ankle bracelets in her pictures.

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Teen Top will also only communicate with fans on their official group accounts.

At the time, the idol star had denied, leaving his fans even more frustrated. At around the same time, the female companion posted a photo of herself in the airport on Instagram, which fans took as confirmation that they did indeed go on the trip together. As this is not the first time that Niel has been caught dating, fans were disappointed with Niel for lying to them. As the rumours started from the aforementioned social platforms, Leader C. She is also a non-celebrity.

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The fans have gathered a collection of the relationship evidences, and we review them in order. Instiz Japaneed Instiz Since these evidences went viral, the alleged girlfriend had deleted her Instagram post. Almost a year later, it appears that the two are still seeing each other or are still remaining good friends. Pajamas I wear proper pajamas when I sleep. Soon after, all members of Teen Top deleted their personal Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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Niel was allegedly caught going on a trip with his supposed girlfriend, which angered fans. However, the photo has since been deleted from her Instagram profile. Several proofs were brought forward by fans, but the company and Changjo neither confirmed nor denied the news. The alleged girlfriend had also posted on her Instagram a picture of herself at an airport wearing the same clothes as the picture taken by fans.