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Vyto Ruginis as Junior Lawyer. Knox Grantham White as Soundman. The fact of the matter is we're really proud we did this movie. Louisville, Kentucky Chris L. Val Kilmer was considered by Mann for the role of Jeffrey Wigand.

On returning home, he discovers that his wife Liane Diane Venora has left him and taken their daughters. Claire Slemmer as Edie Magnus.

Sayed Badreya as Hezbollah Head Gunman. Male Actor in a Leading Role.

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But it's one of those rare times when adults loved a movie, yet they couldn't convince their friends to go see it, any more than we could convince people in marketing the film. When the company leans hard on Wigand to honor a confidentiality agreement, he gets his back up. Bergman later arranges a security detail for Wigand's home, and the Wigands suffer marital stress. Isodine Loury as Mississippi Court Stenographer. Bruce McGill as Ron Motley.

Trusting Bergman and despite a crumbling marriage, he goes on camera for a Mike Wallace interview and risks arrest for contempt of court. Endgame, Breakthrough and After. Not to be confused with The Inside film or Inside Man. Buena Vista Pictures Distribution. Put it in your mouth, lit it up and you're gonna get your fix?

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Release Scope All Nationwide Limited. Michael Paul Chan as Norman the Cameraman.

Hallie Kate Eisenberg as Barbara Wigand. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Louisville, Kentucky Marco A. National Society of Film Critics. Pacino had seen the veteran actor on the stage many times and was a big fan of Plummer's work.

Screen Actors Guild Awards. Stephen Tobolowsky as Eric Kluster. Cliff Curtis as Sheikh Fadlallah. Theatrical release poster. Ponoc Short Films Theatre Vol.

For the scene in which the deposition hearing takes place, the filmmakers used the actual courtroom in Pascagoula, Mississippi where the deposition was given. Joseph Hindy as Baldo the Editor. Wigand's family move into a more modest house, and Wigand begins working as a teacher. Louisville, Kentucky Michael A. Global Road Entertainment.

Boston Society of Film Critics. Paula Bisbikos as Mike Wallace's Assisstant. Alan DeSatti as Hezbollah Interpreter.

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Al Pacino's Double uncredited Robert D. Wings Hauser as Tobacco Lawyer. Philip Baker Hall as Don Hewitt. Derrick Jones as Mississippi Reporter. Sheikh Fadlallah as Clifford Curtis.

Al Pacino was Mann's only choice to play Lowell Bergman. An honest New York cop named Frank Serpico blows the whistle on rampant corruption in the force only to have his comrades turn against him.

Israel as Ruta Shaudinisky Susan J. Paul Butler as Charlie Phillips. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Policeman as Robert Brink V. Michael Gambon as Thomas Sandefur.

Mann and Roth wrote several outlines together and talked about the structure of the story. Captive Audience Productions Inc.

Russell Crowe as Jeffrey Wigand. Mississippi Reporter Donald F. And that's what cigarettes are for?

Louisville, Kentucky Scott M. However, Mann and Roth were not interested in making a documentary.

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Movie Info The Insider tells the true story of a man who decided to tell the world what the seven major tobacco companies knew and concealed about the dangers of their product. The Insider Critics Consensus Intelligent, compelling, and packed with strong performances, The Insider is a potent corporate thriller. Intelligent, compelling, and packed with strong performances, ninaithale inikkum The Insider is a potent corporate thriller. The movie reveals Michael Mann's unparalleled ability to fashion taut suspense from unpromising material. He wanted to see the actor play a role that he had never seen him do in a movie before.