Tokarev tt-33 serial number dating

Tokarev tt-33 serial number dating

Unlike the pistols made in Russia and in China, the year of manufacture is not stamped on the pistol. Find out why this is the No. If all of the letters from A to K were used which, of course, is not a known fact it would appear that a good many Tokarev pistols had been made in Poland. This is a must for all martial artists and anyone wanting to learn the knife throwing techniques of the ninja. Sights were affixed atop the muzzle blade type and at the rear notch type.

However, it was never available in the numbers required to fully replace the Nagant revolvers, the latter still held in high regard by its users for its excellent field characteristics. When it was resumed in a new numbering series, starting with No. It is of course not to their discredit that they took the best features of existing automatics and added to them features and simplifications of their own.

It is assumed to be identical to the Soviet model. Neither the original nor the modification had a grip safety, though photographs of the original model might give that impression. It may possibly have been made in Hungary, but it seems more likely that it was furnished from Russia. It is not known definitely whether these pistols were assembled in Russia or in China. Some were made to add strength where it was needed, and others were made for purposes of simplification and economy.

One of the more notableThe recently imported Yugoslavian

Many of these with an added safety have been imported recently. Army Model pistol was of course known in Russia, and it is likely that the developments taking place in France by Petter at Cholet and at Neuhausen in Switzerland were also known.

The hammer was buried at the rear and, interestingly, there was usually no noticeable manual safety catch - just a half-cock notch on the hammer. Its operation is similar to the U. Obviously these are qualities most desirable in a military weapon. The earlier pistols, in both versions, have serial numbers without prefix letters. There has been no opportunity to examine these pistols.

Lots of variations and history

The sub-assembly was revised to an extent as was the frame and trigger. These pistols are practically alike. The presence of the earlier serration pattern suggests that the Polish pistols were made on old tools and fixtures supplied from Russia. These will have the Hungarian coat of arms molded in the grip.

Tokarev pistols - Firearms identification

Of course this damages the collectibility of the pistol. The first specimens contain parts made in Russia.

One of the more notable changes in the new gun became the machining of the magazine feed lips directly into the main receiver. Lots of variations and history involved. The recently imported Yugoslavian guns have a thumb safety added to the left side. These were made for the American market and also have a nine round magazine. This worked well to help prevent potentially damaging misfeeds of cartridges.