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The lush green trees, springs and tranquil atmosphere makes it a must see region in Trimbakeshwar. There is a shrine dedicated to Goddess Ganga. The Ashram faces the eye pleasing Sahyadri hills and Trimbakeshwar temple. The Ganga Sagar water is distributed in the village nearby. Brahma lied that he had seen the top of the column of fire and was hence cursed that he would not be worshipped on earth.

As with every temple in India, there is always a story that goes with it. One can reach this place by an ascent of about steps made on concrete. The Shivalingam is seen in a depression on the floor of the sanctum. There is a three days festival in t his temple in the month of Pausha - sometime in January.

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There is a temple of Sangmeshwar Mahadev. The undulated terrains of Brahmagiri are challenging spots for adventurous travels like nature walk and trekking.

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The flow of Godavari runs from this place. It is believed that from here dead human bones disappear. The temple erected on the Samadhi of Nivrutti Nath attracts thousands of devotees.

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Legend says that the saint Gautam and his wife Ahalya resided on this hill. Trimbakeshwar Temple The entire black stone temple is known for its appealing architecture and sculpture and is at the foothills of a mountain called Brahmagiri. The location of the Nashik Trimbakeshwar temple is unique, for this is where the magnificent river Godavari originates.

As part of the Sahyadri valley, there are two routes that can take you to this sacred religious place. On the request of all the Gods, Lord Shiva resided by the river Gautami by the name Trimbakeshwar one of the Jyotirlingas. Saint Nivrutti Nath was the elder brother of great saint Gyandev. Legends teach us that Lord Rama spent few days at this Tirtha to do the Shraddha rituals for the salvation of the souls for his father Dasharatha.