In the series, Tyler turns into a werewolf with the intervention of Katherine. Elena smiles and looks down. Caroline unwraps the cloth around what appears to be a journal. Matt is shown to be devastated by the loss of his friend. However, they had some problems, especially since Caroline was often jealous of Matt's history with her best friend Elena.

Caroline and Tyler

Tyler Lockwood
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Caroline and Tyler

Elena gives Isobel the device, saying that Damon gave it out of love for her. How many other werewolves are there? Tyler later argued with Caroline about bringing a date and he says he won't date anyone if she tells not to, Caroline then kisses him and they go back to his place and have sex. The second was Elena to Damon. He adds he likes being with her.

However, he returns when his mother is in the hospital and makes amends with Caroline, deciding to stay in Mystic Falls. It's a really long story we can share another time. As Stefan went to Heaven alone, it is unknown what happened to her soul. Damon, Caroline, Matt and Tyler don't get very far until the effects of the moon begin to kick in.

She took up residence at the Salvatore home and quickly turned her attention to romancing both of them. He hesitates and Caroline looks at him in surprise and anger, begging him to open the door. He is later sent for Elena and kills Enzo, but Bonnie injects him with the cure, rendering him human.

  • You know, you turned your back on me when I needed you.
  • She cried and kissed for last time and said until they figure a way out of this and Tyler with no option left Mystic Falls.
  • After this, she became his friend then girlfriend.
  • Caroline doesn't want Tyler to go because she loves him but knows it is for the best.
  • In the beginning of the series, she was dating Tyler Lockwood.

If you don't say something, no teeth dating then I'm going to keep dating. The pair started dating in the late s when their romance would have been forbidden. Understand that I'm okay with it. Damon arrives and reveals that Matt is outside with wooden bullets. It is later revealed that Vicki managed to escape Hell alongside Katherine and her mother.

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Alaric and Damon discovered John was watching the vampires who had been in the tomb. Interrupting them, Tyler asks him if he could help Connor, when they shake hands, Tyler starts screaming due to pain, because Connor had vervain laced gloves. She tells him that lately he's been acting like the pre-wolf Tyler, the guy she would never be friends with. What are we supposed to do now?

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Later, Caroline receives a voice mail from Tyler which tells her that he can't return to her because he is still helping a pack of wolves in Tennessee, and she begins to cry sadly. Later that day, a package is dropped off from The Armory to Matt, inside the package is a letter from Tyler and a box containing everything he knew about the second Siren. Jeremy tries to become a vampire by overdosing while having Anna's blood in his system, but he fails. Will Klaus be in love with Caroline in Vampire Diaries?

Tyler offers to kick Bill's ass causing Caroline to laugh and makes up and excuse to why he shouldn't. Tyler interrupts her speech by kissing her, but Caroline eventually pulls away after kissing back for a while, telling him that he can't do that. Later the dance is cancelled due to mysterious flooding. Liz then finds out that her daughter has been in a car crash and goes to the hospital, where she is comforted by Damon.

Katherine, however, compelled Stefan to not be afraid of her, to keep her secret, and to drink her vampire blood against his will. Elena and Damon then begin to mend fences, and Elena cares for Damon when he is bitten by Tyler at the end of the season. Stefan and Bonnie then realize they can redirect the Hellfire at Katherine to destroy Hell, but someone must sacrifice themselves to ensure she's hit while in Hell.

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After Jeremy kills a hybrid and was almost killed by Klaus, Elena asks Damon to compel Jeremy into leaving Mystic Falls in order to live a normal life. Carol was shaken and upset by her husband's death and blames it on the deputies. Inspired by her ancestors and Enzo, Bonnie gains new empowerment, saving Mystic Falls by redirecting Hellfire back to hell and destroying it along with Katherine. She finally punches him in the face and speeds out of the house, Caroline looks Tyler surprised.

They are briefly reunited so he can say goodbye. Caroline also becomes closer to Elena. Realizing that their relationship was more accepted in modern times, they got engaged.

It's been kinda slow in that department. This is the second time I've tried to kill you. Smallwood, as well as the cousin of Caleb Smallwood. Later, when Jeremy is brought back to life, he was able to see and communicate with Vicki, who asks for his help.

Leaving Tyler trapped inside his own body. Tyler accepts his apology and Matt leaves, running into Caroline. Tyler is shocked at first and asks her if there were more, but she denied, keeping Damon and Stefan's true identities secret. This article is about Tyler Lockwood from the Shows.

Stefan and Elena fell head over heels in love and could be very sweet and supportive of each other. She touches his face Tyler is in writhing in pain. He is protective of his sister and is in the same coven as her.

  1. How did uncle john in the tv series Vampire Diaries die?
  2. Tyler arrives at the Lockwood mansion to find that Kai is there, he tells Tyler that he doesn't want to kill him, he says that he wants to make a deal with Tyler to save Liv's life.
  3. What happened to Rebeka's mother in The Vampire Diaries?
  4. Klaus helped him trigger his werewolf gene by assisting him in killing Sue Carson and feeding him her blood.
  5. Tyler has tanned skin, short black hair and dark brown eyes.

However, Jeremy opened her eyes to the idea that she might deserve better. It's like my skin is on fire. After realizing that she looked exactly like his ex-girlfriend, Katherine, Stefan decided to stick around Mystic Falls to observe Elena. She manipulates Kelly and Vicki Donovan into doing her bidding, jewish uk resulting in Kelly nearly killing Caroline's twins and Vicki ringing the bell.

In the season one finale, she is handcuffed by John Gilbert for disagreeing with his plan to use the town as bait to capture the tomb vampires. He manages to break the sire bond and continued to help other hybrids break the curse of being sired. As they are drinking and gossiping about their mothers, Tyler needs to leave and use the restroom, but then he hears Nadia compelling Matt at the bar.

Is klaus and Caroline in vampire diaries dating in real life

Once Klaus ended his vendetta against Tyler, though, Tyler chose to go after Klaus instead of being with Caroline, officially ending their relationship. Because I don't know why else you'd be acting like the old you. Tyler pretends to still be under the influence of the sire bond and voluntarily steps aside, straight edge dating as neither he nor Caroline wants Klaus to know that he has broken it.

Then Jules told Tyler that Mason was killed by vampires and Caroline was on it. Who diedn final Vampire Diaries? What happens in the third season of The Vampire Diaries? She uses vampire blood to cure people and starts dating Alaric.

The two begin a sort of relationship before Katherine's body fails her. She has an adoptive aunt named Jenna Sommers who serves as her and Jeremy's legal guardian in the first two seasons of the series. Jo is killed at their wedding and in season seven he attempts to resurrect her. Even after it was broken, however, Elena chose Damon over Stefan.

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Tyler Lockwood
Tyler Lockwood
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