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Amina Mohamed's niece holding a cigarette while standing next to Uhuru's son. Uhuru maintained his innocence and wanted his name cleared. Uhuru's Son at the launch with Amina Mohamed's niece. Various opinion polls prior to the election placed Uhuru as one of the main contenders, woodstock dating site and his Jubilee Alliance as among the most popular.

Uhuru Kenyatta's son smoking. In the events that followed the annulment, Kenyatta was seen as lacking direction and being a reactionary leader.

The supplemental budget was to cover the budget gap that had arisen due to slow economic growth. Chief Justice Willy Mutunga in his ruling said the elections were indeed conducted in compliance with the Constitution and the law.

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The result of this was a vote against the adoption of the draft constitution by a noticeable margin, which was a great political embarrassment to Emilio Mwai Kibaki. Overall, the post-election violence of is said to have claimed about lives. He said Prime Minister Raila Odinga should take political responsibility for the acts of violence and killings that followed the presidential elections in Kenya.

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Pulse The two, it is imperative to note, are consenting adults and can smoke whatever they want to smoke. After voting on the bill brought forward by Kenyatta, Gitobu Imanyara brought up discrepancy questions as to what exactly had been approved by the house.

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It was an event attended by the who-is-who in Kenya. Department of State in Washington, D.

At the time, many saw the election as a calculated move to prepare Uhuru for bigger things to come. Cabinet secretary's daughter opens up about her relationship with Jaba Kenyatta Just to be in my neck of woods, I'll refrain from speculating on the nature of their relationship. This has fuelled concern and speculations of vote manipulation in President Kenyatta's favour. Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate were respondents in these cases and were represented by Fred Ngatia and Katwa Kigen respectively.

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It was a story that was quickly trashed as untrue and baseless. However, further court proceedings followed. Pulse reports that the two were caught on camera smoking.