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The enrollment automatically renews unless you opt back out. But drugs and needles were nothing compared to the time we found a bunch of shit in the sink. It's not yet a self-serve option. Special Deals is a continuous, automated merchandising promotion that features books on sale at Smashwords.

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Coupons are a great way to build urgency for the customer to act. The planned three-hour event was shut down after just one hour. Smashwords is a strong advocate for author's rights, and the right of authors and copyright owners to receive payment for their digitally published works. If you're the original author and you control the digital rights to the book, or if you're the exclusive digital publisher, you can publish and distribute the work with Smashwords.

Read the announcement here. Complaint emails sent in July and Augus, with a follow up letter sent mid August have yet to be formally acknowledged either by mail or email, let alone resolved. Smashwords is for finished, complete and original written works only no drafts, works-in-progress or partial works. There was no closing tag so the whole rest of the message was pickle.

Most paid apps are already very cheap. When you sell a book, you receive two benefits. The ebook market is still in its infancy. If readers love your book and tell their friends, and their friends tell more people, you could have a best seller. In fact, Jessa and colleague Mark Shaffer have been censored and banned from posting on Apple Support Communities for explaining why touch fails and suggesting third-party repair as a solution.

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And they need to do it soon. Customers expect this, because they know your production cost paper, printing, shipping, middlemen is less. Exclusivity is dangerous and risky. We believe obscurity is a bigger threat to authors than piracy. If someone steals your book, you don't make income and neither do we.

You could try a formal complaint. So far, she says, none of her customers have reported any adverse effects from the hardware mod.

Addressing Touch Disease is going to be more complicated, and more costly. If the anonymity is important, then the current solution is to open up a second Smashwords account attached to a different email address since each account must be tied to a unique email address. You will upload your manuscript or finished work in Microsoft Word's.

Someone stole my book and uploaded it to Amazon or some other retailer. Even when I asked them to show me where I had agreed to start my payments they could not produce a date and still refused to sort it out.

Choose the bestselling or best well known author because this can improve discovery if it's the first author the reader sees it won't make a huge difference, but every incremental advantage helps. When you upload you book, you'll tag it with the book's language, and this will help us distribute it to retailers that support that language. The next guy, Ron Jandusay, Acct Specialist was even worse. Ebook buyers sharing your book with their friends. You're casting a wider net.