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Therefore it should not be deemed as a necessity for an older person without balancing problems to use a walking stick and neither should it be seen as an aid only for the elderly. It is not the only type of mobility aid or ambulatory device but is among the most flexible, least cumbersome and easy to use.

It is available in a narrow or wide base. Limit self-care and increase the need or dependence on caregivers. Other ambulatory devices such as walkers offer the greatest degree of stability but are somewhat cumbersome for the moderately impaired. It can also be used for one-sided unilateral pain or muscle weakness.

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Holding onto objects or depending on other people, even for certain activities, is an indication that a walking stick is necessary. This offers a greater degree of balance and stability but can be restrictive for faster movement. The quad cane can be used for moderate balance and stability problems.

Most walking sticks are thought of to be a straight, top online dating games long stick either with a straight or curved handle but there are actually various different types depending on the individual need of the user. Walkers do not fall under the category of walking sticks of walking canes except for the hemi-walker. These criteria are not limited to just walking canes but all types of ambulatory devices. Types of Walking Sticks There are several different types of walking sticks depending on the need and affordability factor. Reasons to Consider a Walking Stick A walking stick should be considered when a person is unable to maintain their balance on their own.

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Tripod or quad canes have three to four stems or feet respectively. Most walking canes are made of wood or aluminum these days although the latter is preferred for being lightweight yet very strong. It is important to realize that mobility aids are not just for the elderly and any person may need to use it irrespective of age. The term single-point cane indicates a single stem, much like a traditional walking stick. It is primarily used to assist with balancing, improve stability and at times even reduce pressure that may be causing pain.

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