Up, Close And Personal With Hulisani Ravele

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Such a woman that is an inspiration to all other women and African women around the world. My vision, the will to succeed and to inspire others just by being myself and working hard towards my dreams also inspire me greatly.

How often I do it and how I do it is again my choice. Grateful to her parents for giving her the opportunities, her nationality is South African, and her ethnicity is African. When the tickets went on sale I bought them immediately and Lelo and I started chatting offline.

Vibrant as she is having own show is what she is known for and being one of the most established recognized personalities in South Africa. They were genuinely worried. Her height for her age is quite average unless she wears heels, but her personality is what caught her audience.

Such a woman that

Up, Close And Personal With Hulisani Ravele

So I was like hey, what will it hurt.

We sat down with her to find out what she has been up to since she left our small screens. She was rumored to be pregnant but proven false as she still is kicking it in her country, doing things before she even gets married.

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People can expect to leave with a changed heart and a touched soul. We see you will be hosting the Just Curious love conference. Take the time and make the time to do the things that seem tedious i.

Two people who stand out are

She is an investor rather than a big spender, unlike most celebrities. She is the type of person to earn what she has properly. Being in her age in all of this she still on a roll with her show showing the world age does not matter.

Growing up I always wanted

Growing up I always wanted to emulate my aunts who were in the corporate world and travelling. Vodacom Millionaires definitely helped to cement that new positioning and I love being referred to as Hulisani Ravele now. Two people who stand out are my mother and Oprah. As she states in her social media, she is to be married in her country and need to prepare to be a mother. Growing up I had dreams of being a chartered accountant or something in accounting.