Wonderful generation dating agency cyrano outfits

Wonderful generation dating agency cyrano outfits

Thus their client must

He tells her that her words of encouragement will eventually hurt her client in the long run. Ominous music plays as she surveys her unknown surroundings. Feeding him false hope is like poison in the world of dating.

The camera briefly cuts to a mysterious man sitting at a different table before the woman Lee Chung-ah gives her answer. That voice belongs to the man we saw earlier, who asks for a chance to confess his feelings to a fellow client whom he believes to be his perfect match. We see that he intentionally broke the wine bottle so that the smell would trigger her memory about their previous awkward encounter.

Thus, their client must also have an air of mystery about them. She jumps when a machine suddenly comes to life, its gears whirring. One day, he suddenly begins works as a company director through his resemblance to his older brother. Byung-hoon hanging off of a rooftop ledge, held by a rope as a couple of gangsters who threaten him to pay up. Her suspicion radar pings, and Jae-in takes the bait.

Byung-hoon sends him a look and avoids giving a direct answer, spouting roundabout excuses instead. Her fall jogs her memory and she finally recognizes their faces. Then she downs the rest of her glass, rises from her seat, and confesses her own feelings to the sommelier.

One day he suddenly begins worksShe jumps when a machine suddenly

If sincerity is to be valued, then one must be thorough. Then her eyes grow wide when she sees an image of the woman her client was trying to woo that evening on a monitor. The team listens as their interviewee, Joon-hyuk, recounts about how he fell in love with a local librarian the day he found her feeding a stray cat in the rain. They do their work with words, not weapons, to neutralize volatile situations before they erupt into full-blown catastrophes. He meets Lee Shin Mi, who is actually a chaebol heir but acts nothing like one, with her scrimping and frugal ways.

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Just then, a man bumps into her, causing her to drop her things, and she sneers at him when he leaves without a word. But she starts to lose her balance, and Byung-hoon grabs her just in time, pulling her in closer. Byung-hoon takes all of this information and deduces that Jae-in will be drawn to the characters in her favorite detective novels. The Birth of the Rich The drama follows the story of a man, Choi Suk Bong, who believes that he is actually the son of a rich father and heir to a chaebol group.

She asks him to enlighten her then, and Byung-hoon amuses her. The situation goes as well as you might expect and the librarian is startled at the damning evidence before her.

Without a word, he gently pushes her into the train just before the door closes. Her client tells her not to beat herself too much about it, and places the blame on himself for going after a Grade A woman when he himself is a Grade F man.

She argues that his tactics are impolite, to which he tells her that those so-called romantic overtures are the ones that are impolite. Jae-in roams the platform until her eyes fall upon Joon-hyuk sitting mysteriously on a bench.

Thus, in a desire to break free of the monotonous routine, she enjoys crime-mystery novels and is highly skeptical. Then it was his agency who fed him the lines of his confession of love. With one last burst of courage, he asks her for a chance to prove himself. Her face falls when Byung-hoon tells her that her report falls far below his expectations.