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In less than a year, PyTube morphed from a simple wget front end to a more complex application, but clive is the best at its job. Most Linux distributions have Firefox installed by default.

Download YouTube Videos in Linux Command Line

PyTube is not just about downloading and converting. For example, if you regularly take the train to work or you travel by plane, you know that internet access is either sparse or not existent.

In addition to changing the output format, you can also change the output folder for the videos and supply proxy account details. One smart way to use clive is to create a text file containing links to videos you want to save and pass it to the program by using a pipe. It was a popular video downloader for Linux for years. Apart from Linux, I love classic detective mysteries. Easily download YouTube videos in Linux using youtube-dl command line tool.

When you play a video on YouTube or some other video hosting websites like DailyMotion etc. If you have a slow or inconsistent internet, you should also use a download manager. You are better off with the other video downloaders mentioned here.

Feel free to suggest me to add it. Is your favorite YouTube downloader application not on the list? Just right-click onto a Web page that hosts a YouTube video and choose to download it from the context menu. Its all up to you which one you download.

Download YouTube Videos in Linux Command Line

All you need is to install an add-on named Video DownloadHelper. Sometimes video on you tube shows subtitles are available but the program indicates that subtitles are not available for download. Downloaded files by default are stored in Home directory. Where to the finished videos go and can we change where thy go?

If you just want to download the audio from a YouTube video, you can use the -x option to simply extract the audio file from the video. But if you want to explore its capabilities further, please check its manual. When converting to video, you can either keep the original size values or specify custom ones to scale the frames. Once you're on YouTube, go up to the very top of the page where the address is located, and select all of it so that it's highlighted.

Put a space and then right-click the terminal window and paste the link. It is extremely easy to use and provides a number of configuration option.

Session expired Please log in again. After the video is added to the queue, either add more so that you can download videos in bulk, or use the button on the bottom right to start the download. Paste the links and it will download the files by using youtube-dl. Minitube and Smtube let you watch YouTube videos straight from the desktop.

If you use YouTube, downloading videos from YouTube becomes a matter of two mouse clicks. Normally, youtube-dl should be in software sources of Ubuntu. In fact, mca entrance exam preparation books youtube-dl is a powerful tool.

YouTube tools for the Linux desktop

You can use it to download just the audio file from videos, download entire playlist and download videos in different qualities. The thing I recommend until they fix clipgrabber or come out with a new alternative is to use minitube. For example, if you are working on a project where you need to use a video or if you want to download tutorials and lectures for offline uses. The reason for this is that the default video output type in this YouTube download program is Hi-def, but that format isn't available on all systems. Now among the available video formats, choose one that you like.

YouTube tools for the Linux desktop. This means it has detected videos and you can download it. Which one did you like the most? To download a playlist, simply run the following command.

The same tool used to install youtube-dl can be used to get ytd-gtk, which is the program-like version of youtube-dl that might be easier to use for some people. Of the above tools, I found clive and PyTube to be the most useful. To download a video file, simply run the following command.

Linux How to Download YouTube Videos

Save YouTube Videos to Your Computer to Watch Them Offline

It can be install via command line or from the software center. It will automatically resume the unfinished download, as long as a partial download is present in the current directory. Downloading YouTube videos is just a matter of few clicks with Clipgrab. The authentication tab lets you enter a username and password for YouTube if you need to download private videos from a certain YouTube account. You can download videos from several websites including Vimeo, Dailymotion and Facebook.

From time to time, you can even manage to find something interesting. Because YouTube makes changes in its site from time to time, all of the applications that deal with YouTube videos will likely also need to be updated.

After logging in you can close it and return to this page. At times you find yourself in a situation when you need to download YouTube videos in Ubuntu. It will show you a list of available formats. So, either use the graphical package manager supplied with your distribution or jump into the command line tool again. Ali is a computer programmer and passionate about Linux.

Download YouTube Videos using Firefox Add-on DownloadHelper

This article will show you some Linux tools you can use to save and convert YouTube videos. Please share it with others. You can download and install youtube-dl using the relevant package manager for your Linux distribution. First, check if there are subtitles available for the video.

PyTube can merge, resize, and rotate videos, insert a different audio track, or generate a ringtone for your cell phone. For now, the application is in beta and the interface is available only in Spanish. Vimeo and Dailymotion are also supported. These days YouTube videos have different resolutions, you first need to check available video formats of a given YouTube video.

Some people prefer to use predefined settings for converting online videos. Click on the add-on to download the YouTube videos. Downloading videos from websites could be against their policies.